Van Doorne participates in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017

Van Doorne participates in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017

‘Profit should not only be expressed in financial terms, but also in societal growth.’ That is a statement that Nudge can proudly support. We are excited to announce that Van Doorne will participate in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge!

Van Doorne is what they like to call a ‘human office’ that employs 171 lawyers, notaries and tax specialists in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They appreciate the context of financial issues, and aim for sustainable solutions. They believe innovation is a condition for success.

‘The importance of social entrepreneurship is growing, because social entrepreneurship can help tackle societal problems in a commercial manner.’

Nudge can also gladly disclose that Els de Wind, one of Van Doorne’s employees, has participated in a panel about ‘The role of the private sector in helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals’, organised by the International Organisation of Employers. A perfect match with the theme of Nudge Global Impact Challenge’s 2017.

It is evident that Van Doorne is genuinely committed to social entrepreneurship and the positive impact they can have concerning the SDGs.

The firm has proven to be a very successful Support Partner of the Challenge. It has provided winners of the Challenge in 2012 (Sjoerd Kamerbeek), 2013 (Leonie Schapink) and 2015 (Rosalie Tordoir). Nudge is proud of its partnership with Van Doorne and cannot wait to team up for 2017’s Nudge Global Impact Challenge.