Team Members

Meet the Team

Anne-Maartje Oud

Chairwoman of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Ama van Dantzig

Moderator of the Nudge Global Impact Awards

Ilse Lettinga

Manager Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Jan van Betten

Founder Nudge

Rianne Hammenga

Event Manager Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Rick Koster

Founder LeaderScope

Yori Kamphuis

Leadership and communications advisor, LeaderScope

Pepijn Duijvestein

Director Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Maëlle Tschumi

Jr. Project and Communications Manager

Paul Reehorst

Video production

Bibi Veth


Sarah Bernier

Communication and project management intern

Lucy Barnhart

Communication and project management intern

Short Biographies

Anne-Maartje Oud, Chairwoman of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Anne-Maartje Oud studied dramatic expression by means of word and gestures at the School of Arts and graduated as a teacher/director. After her studies, Anne-Maartje briefly worked as an actor giving workshops on presentation techniques and non-verbal communication. During her 5-year employment at a reputable training agency, she specialised as a personal behavioural consultant in effective communication. In 2006, she set up her own consultancy and training agency ‘The behaviour Company’. Anne-Maartje specialises in non-verbal communication, influencing others, communication skills and leadership. She teaches managers and executives in effective communication, profiling and influencing others.

Ama van Dantzig, Moderator of the Nudge Global Impact Awards

Ama is a creative thinker, speaker, facilitator, moderator, and an experienced Co-Founder with demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry. Her skills revolve around non-profit organisations, sustainable development, international relations, project coordination and non-governmental organisations. Ama divides her time between Accra and Amsterdam – building bridges between seemingly opposite worlds. With vast experience on the ground in many countries and communities, Ama believes in the ability of people to generate ingenious solutions for the challenges of our time. 

She is one of the Co-Founder at Dr. Monk, an international innovation studio and project incubator, with a global network of talented people committed to making the world a clean, just and simply beautiful place, through developing concepts, strategic advice and innovative research. Their headquarters are in Amsterdam and Accra.


Ilse Lettinga, manager Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Ilse has worked as communication manager at ABN AMRO’s Corporate Communications after 10 years at several positions in the advertising industry. She joined Nudge 7 years ago and has been involved in the creation, strategy and development of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge from the start.
She is responsible for the overall project management and communications of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.
“I am always overwhelmed by the energy, passion and power of the young professionals attending the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. I feel privileged to support the participants in their development as leaders in sustainability.”


Jan van Betten, founder of Nudge

Jan van Betten started his career as a junior company lawyer with Philips before joining British American Tobacco. In 2005 he moved with his family to Munich to take up the role of CEO of Reed Elsevier Deutschland GmbH. Inspired by the development of a consumer platform for sustainable consumption in Germany, he started the social enterprise Nudge in the Netherlands in November 2010.

Nudge is the consumer platform for a sustainable society. Nudge connects consumers, companies, NGO’s and institutes to enable bottom-up initiatives that bring positive and durable change to our society. We aim to provide opportunities to take action that are accessible to everyone. We facilitate this through our platform and broad network.

Nudge is a social enterprise. We do business to make a change and we believe that knowledge and expertise is worth more when shared. Financial return is not our primary goal, but achieving our social mission is.


Rianne Hammenga, Event Manager Nudge

Driven by a wish to work for brands that add more to the world, she joined Nudge four years ago. Starting from sales and relationship management with the Friends of Nudge and partner organisations, she moved into the field of communications. In this position she enjoys the challenge to encourage people to positive behavioural change.

This year she is, for the second time, involved in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge as event manager of the Nudge Summit. With her endless energy and hands-on mentality, this role is wonderfully suited to her! Looks forward to see our joint efforts brought together in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.

Rick Koster, Founder & CEO LeaderScope

During his work as biology teacher at multicultural high school in Amsterdam, Rick joined The Leadership Group to support leaders in their personal development and communication. In leadership programs in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, Rick shares his passion for interpersonal learning, presentation and non-verbal communication. In supporting others to get the best of themselves, his credo is: feel positive, think creative.

Yori Kamphuis, Leadership and communication advisor, The Leadership Group

“In what I do, I look for passion in others. Making things happen. Striving for goals with passion.

It is my goal is to help provide solutions for the challenges our world faces. And to spread positive energy. Through sharing thoughts, running a business, collaborating and creating mutual understanding in our changing world.”

Specialties: Cyber Security, Team building, People management, Leadership, Motivational Speaking

Pepijn Duijvestein, Director

Sustainable Business Engineer
> Innovation, creative and concept development
> Company & product strategy
> Branding & marketing
> Digital strategy, IT development and project management

The MacGyver of sustainability
There’s a huge difference between professionals talking about change, transition and sustainability and people doing it.
Pepijn fits the last description. What describes him best is an innovative catalyst, in each part of the process. He lives and breathes sustainability, instead of talking about it. And he’ll make it happen, whatever is required.

Competences: change-thinker and do-er, creative development and implementation of transition, connecting his extensive network, concerned with details without loosing the big picture, hands-on business sense, chain analysis, communication, business- and concept development.

A transitional process is dynamic. Pepijn is agile and adaptive, changes along with the requirements. From thinking to acting, from analysing to connecting, from pinpointing the problem, to being part of the solution.