On this page we leave the word to our former participants of the previous Nudge Global Impact Challenges.

Cynthia Nolen, The Netherlands, Credit management, Greenchoice (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2016)

“Meeting all these wonderful and inspiring people during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge was extremely overwhelming. I have met so many wonderful people that also have a heart for this planet: you are not alone! I learned that every story matters. We all need to connect and face worldly problems together. Every input and talent has to be valuable. In addition, there is a wonderful and intense palette of speakers and activities that are overwhelming in terms of (life)lessons and pure energy! I was walking on sunshine for a couple of weeks on the energy of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.”

Ryan McCavigan, the United Kingdom, New Product Development Manager, Interface (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2016)

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge taught me that maybe I can be someone to make the difference. It changed my outlook on life and gave me the self belief that I can make a change to make this world better. I think I’m a better version of me, than I was before I started the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. It tapped into something I never knew I had in me and truly opened my eyes to the bigger picture. I would certainly recommend the Nudge Global Impact Challenge to others. It does exactly what it promises to do: change your life.”

Lieke van Delft, The Netherlands, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Wereldhave (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2016)

The Nudge Global Impact Challenge enabled me to learn more about social impact in the rest of the world. I know now that there are so many things to do to really have impact on individual lives. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge taught me that everybody has an interesting story, and that I should always show respect and be really interested in somebody else. This has given me a lot of interesting conversations and eye-openers. Since the Nudge Global Impact Challenge I have more attention for the rest of the world and my friends and family. In my work I have learned to go for projects I find really important. I can make a change in the organisation I work for.

Behrooz Bahrami, Iran, Senior Purchasing Specialist, Danone (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2016)

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge was beyond my expectations. The Nudge Summit was one of the most special nights of my life. It was well-organised and so impressive and inspiring. The announcement that there will be a Nudge Global Impact Award really touched the depths of my heart and encouraged me to keep on working on my impact plan and make this dream happen. Although I did not win the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, the opportunity to be there and gain so much from the experience still makes me feel like a winner.”

Merel Roolvink, The Netherlands, Government trainee, Ministry of Defence (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2016)

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge exceeded my expectations! It was so much more than just information and workshops. The in-depth way of taking the participants on a journey, the practical as well as personal approach, the warm bath the entire Nudge Global Impact Challenge was… so valuable! The idea that we are personally in charge of our future and our planet, and that we can actually make a difference is a big lesson that I won’t forget.”

Isabela Carvalho, Ashoka Brazil (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“During the Nudge Global Impact Challenge I met 30 amazing souls (with 21 nationalities!) committed to building a better world – more collaborative, more empathetic, more respectful, more colorful! If we really want to make systemic impact, we must assemble diverse talents, skills, passions, and leadership styles. We must uncover the best version of every individual, so they can feel empowered to create change – and inspire others to become changemakers too. My experience at Nudge shows that we head in the right direction!”

Marsida Bandilli about the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015 in the Huffington Post (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“As I was somehow undergoing a transformation of my skills, I realized I was more able of dealing with complex situations, than before. The subsequent events that followed after attending the program, have developed an inner sense of more personal growth. In fact, it was shorter after the program that I realized it is possible to generate greater impact if one keeps systematically working for making this world a better place. My big “nudge” ideas started to get a concrete shape. As a greater admirer of the idea to change the world, I feel that right now I want to bring a larger impact in Albania, the country where I come from.”

Read the whole article ‘When Events Nudge You, Gently!’ in the Huffington Post here.

A quote from Anouk in ‘t Veld, Steward Redqueen, The Netherlands (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015 encompassed a bubble of highly energetic, beautiful and creative personalities, outstanding development opportunities and a lot of fun. For me personally, I found peace in my ever continuing quest to optimize positive impact by realizing that I share my passion with so many gifted individuals from my generation all over the world, and that together we will make the sustainable change that we envision. Proud that I was part of this Nudge Global Impact Challenge!”

A blog post from Laura Cremer, who was supported by Interface Germany (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

Well, I have to admit that the Nudge Global Impact Challenge is not some kind of conference. Even if it sounds weird, there was a special atmosphere from the moment I entered the beautiful venue in Santpoort, about 30 km from Amsterdam and things felt different. It is hard to put into words what happened within the next few days. What I can confirm is that for me, yes, it was a life changing event. It is the mixture of meeting like-minded people from all over the world, being mentally challenged and getting to know yourself a bit better.”

A blog post from Jens Christopher Parker, who was supported by Interface Germany (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“I am still reflecting on all the amazing things that happened. My key take away is the fact that around the world people are taking on the challenge to lead the path to a sustainable future and I want to be part of this exciting journey.”
Read the whole blog post with more insights about Laura’s and Jens’ experiences at the Nudge Global Impact Challenge here.

An e-mail from Jihad Lteif, Danone UAE (winner Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“The three days we’ve spent at NUDGE really took us to another place, and Cindy and I are still trying to face the reality that we’re back in the office. Upon our return we celebrated our success with our colleagues, and shared with them our amazing experiences, and of course, our commitment to drive our sustainability impact plans in 2016, for our business. (They really want to see something happen!)”

On the photo FLTR: Jihad, Cindy and James, the winners of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015. They will accompany Tony’s Chocolonely to the Ivory Coast in May 2016 on their mission to make chocolate slave-free.

An e-mail from Savvas Bermperis, student in Greece (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“I just arrived home after 7 days of amazing travelling. I know that many have thanked you for the experience you gave us but I couldn’t help but send you my regards, too. Honestly, I have taken part in more than 15 conferences in all over Europe but Nudge was at least 1 level above anything else. Professionalism, having fun, meeting interesting people and sharing ideas. I can’t find a better place to be expressed and for once more I would like to thank you for what you did for us.”

An e-mail from Judith Drion, FMO The Netherlands (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“I’m on my way home now and I can still feel the adrenaline, energy and complete spectrum of emotions running in my body. Nudge gave me the inspiration and energy to keep me going for a long, long time. I am truly grateful that I was part this Nudge Global Impact Challenge and even more determined to create some impact!”

A quote from Dayna Adelman, Heineken USA (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“Over the course of the three days I had the chance to network, collaborate and create with 30 of the brightest individuals I’ve ever met from 19 countries. I learned more about myself – and my purpose – than I ever could have imagined, and I walk away today with a strong sustainability impact plan that will revolutionize how we raise awareness about recycling in the United States.”

A Facebook post from Abdallah El Bacha, Danone UAE  (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“Last weekend, I’ve met people from 21 different nationalities and multiple religions. But we all had one single goal: A better world. I would like to thank Jan Van Betten and his team for their efforts to bringing this amazing, and indeed life changing unforgettable opportunity. We came as strangers and we all left as friends. Thank you Nudge! And Thank you Danone for sponsoring us and making this a possibility.”

A Facebook post from Rashmi Rajasabai, student in Austria (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“The world needs change more than ever before. The world needs hope. The world needs humans to unite and work smarter and cleaner as never before. Why wait? Let us start. NOW. Let us ‘Think Global and Act Local’. Let us channel our motivation and inspiration we have gained in this amazing weekend to focus on positive impact. Let us be a gentle nudge to others to follow us on this mighty quest. Thank you Nudge Team, you made it all possible. Keep inspiring young minds!”

A Facebook post from James, student in Canada (winner Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“It was such a privilege to meet and get connected with 30 talented and inspiring young professionals from 5 continents and 19 different countries. I am so humbled and honoured to be among the 3 Best Young Global Leaders in Sustainability that won the Nudge Global Impact Challenge after rigorous collaborative and individual efforts to hone our skills and ideas on coming up with Sustainable Impact Plans to combat the most pressing world problems. Thank you for working tirelessly to make the best out of each one of us in order to get out fully prepared to create sustainable projects that the world direly needs.”

James will, together with the other winners of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015 travel to the Ivory coast in order to accompany Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission of making chocolate slave-free.

A Facebook post from Carolyn Gardner, Calor Gas UK (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“War & Terror – that’s the two main words we seem to be hearing lately. This weekend, I had the pleasure to meet 29 incredible individuals from 5 continents and 21 countries with beautiful hopes and dreams for the world. There is hope! And there are people who want to change the world. Let’s not take for granted the power of connectivity and let’s have the conviction to change this world. We cannot pass an uncertain and broken future for our children.”

A Facebook post from Cindy Abi Khzam, Danone UAE (winner Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“Happy and proud with Jihad Lteif to be winners of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, an amazing experience with like minded people who are on the journey of making a real positive impact in the world!”

A blog post from Sarah Francesca, social entrepreneur in Italy (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015)

“To me, it has been a great time of learning about myself, about my professional skills of leadership, teamwork and communication and about interpersonal relationships dynamics.”

An e-mail from Kalpesh Gawali from India (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2014)

“Nudge Global Impact Challenge brought a big paradigm shift in my life, it gave me an inspiration to come out of the ‘traditional life’ in order to live a ‘passion-driven life’. Confidence gained during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge helped me to turn my ideas into reality: fight against the climate change and sustainability issues in India through solar energy”

After the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2014 Kalpesh founded his own solar energy organisation which is today a 1 million dollar start-up and employs 13 people.

Read more about Kalpesh’s journey here.

A quote from Stephanie Dexter, Heineken USA (winner Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2014)

“It is an amazing opportunity to grow as a leader as you challenge yourself to connect with people of different backgrounds and think differently about your impact on our planet. Nudge helps you to think bigger than yourself and your short term needs – which I can assure you, you are not doing at the moment.”

A quote from Ghada Hassan, Danone Egypt (participant Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2014)
“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge was fun, emotional and a driver for change. It created this opportunity to meet and connect with all these incredible people sharing the same mindset. It was a great learning opportunity and an eye opener on a personal and professional level.”

Curious to know how other participants have experienced the Nudge Global Impact Challenges and with which expectations they arrived in the Netherlands and left the Nudge Global Impact Challenge?

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