On this page we let our alumni speak for themselves about their experience during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Marcela Lessa, Yunus and Youth, Brazil, Wild Card participant 2019

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge was better than I could ever have imagined. I had the opportunity to talk to a coach about my issues to implement my impact plan. I also really enjoyed working in teams. I now have a better understanding of what kind of impact I want to have in my organisation and what my next steps will be. Therefore, I just want to say thank you, the experience was incredible!”

Vasco Antonio Bergamaschi, Gruppo Mondadori, Italy, participant 2019

“In general, the learning experience exceeded my expectations. The one-on-one coaching session was one of the most interesting activities for me. My coach helped me deal with my fears and my limits. The outdoor activities were also a great way to get to know each other and to work as a team. It was a practical exercise during which we learned the importance of collaboration.”

Eve Aronson, Butterfly Works, The Netherlands, Wild Card participant 2018

“With my sustainability impact plan I’m trying to combine design thinking with circular economy and look at how I can integrate the two. A lot of the people I’m meeting here are really curious and open-minded to work together and understand how we can connect with each other to come to solutions that are not only sustainable within a company or a certain sector, but can also work across sectors.”

Filimaua Akerise, Danone, New Zealand, participant 2018

“The younger generation are the ones growing up in this world. They need the understanding of how to work and live a sustainable lifestyle to prevent unnecessary action that will destroy the nature of our environment. The Challenge provided me with the experience to communicate with different people and learn to express myself clearly. It has given me the courage to talk to people and try to engage the right shareholders to help me with my Impact Plan.”

Marieke Creemers, The Netherlands, Wild Card participant 2017

“When you are with 90 youngsters from all over the world who work on creating impact, you realise again that you are not alone. I think THAT is the most important realisation to keep going and be sure to make the impact you really can have.” 

Winton Winton, Danone ELN, Indonesia, participant 2017

“What is really impressive for me is that I get to meet a lot of young talents, great minds from all over the world, and I feel so inspired because they are amazing – they are very bright, they are very talented, and it’s just great to connect with them, to network with them.” 

Cynthia Nolen, Greenchoice, The Netherlands, participant 2016

“Meeting all these wonderful and inspiring people during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge was extremely overwhelming. I have met so many wonderful people that also have a heart for this planet: you are not alone! I learned that every story matters. We all need to connect and face worldly problems together. Every input and talent has to be valuable. In addition, there is a wonderful and intense palette of speakers and activities that are overwhelming in terms of (life)lessons and pure energy! I was walking on sunshine for a couple of weeks on the energy of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.”

Behrooz Bahrami, Danone, Iran, participant 2016

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge was beyond my expectations. The Nudge Summit was one of the most special nights of my life. It was well-organised and so impressive and inspiring. The announcement that there will be a Nudge Global Impact Award really touched the depths of my heart and encouraged me to keep on working on my impact plan and make this dream happen. Although I did not win the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, the opportunity to be there and gain so much from the experience still makes me feel like a winner.”

Curious to know how other participants have experienced the Nudge Global Impact Challenges and with which expectations they arrived in the Netherlands and left the Nudge Global Impact Challenge?

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