Coaches and Guides


Ilona ten Boer
Owner of Ilona ten Boer Coaching

Ilona Buddingh’-Maas
Founder BEGIN met Duurzaamheid

Mirjam Cappon
Trainer / Coach

Marese Dijken
Consultant Sustainable Employability at DI-Katalysator

Martje Fraaije
Sustainability Program Manager at Rabobank Netherlands

Caroline van Frankenhuyzen
Specialist in Psychology & Leadership

Maarten Fijnaut
Trainer / Coach / Advisor at AVK

Erik Friedeberg
Board Member Cooperative Manifesto Netherlands

Miriam Gosling Gage
Consultant, Project Manager and Coach at Pelumbra Ltd

Meike Heeremans
Career Coach and Trainer at University of Amsterdam, Yoga Teacher

Petra Hiemstra
Director Haagse Hoogvliegers and Career Coach

Debby Jansen
Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Owner of Executive TopTeams

Xavier Op de Laak
Trainer, Facilitator & Coach at Ignis Alliance

Karolien Lammens
Creative Consciousness Coach

Mariëlle van Lankeren Matthes-Coenen
Transition Manager Organisational Development at Rabobank

Pamela Logjes
Creative Entrepreneur in Sustainability / Creative Advisor / Campaigner

Eveline Maas
Impact Professional and Founder of Purpose People

Dirma Nagelhout
Coach / Mentor / Project Leader with international experience

Caro Nieuwenhuis
Partner at The Changery

Michelle Olij
Coach at CIC Company

Parel van der Plas
Organisational Psychologist / Entrepreneur

Thierry Roussin
Founder of Aguialabs

Wim Schreuder Goedheijt

Bernice Thijm
Change Consultant / Digital Strategist

Martin J. Verweij
Coach at CIC Company

Jorn de Vries
Strategy Consultant / Executive Coach

Karen Walthuis
Transformational Coach / Tutor

Lars van der Wielen
Performance Coach / Talent and Leadership Developer

Jitske Wildschut
Accredited Coach at Wildschut Coaching

Moniek Wolters
Organisation and Career Coach


Muriel Arts
Managing Partner at P2

Mark van Baal
Founder at Follow This


Tieneke Breemhaar
Executive Director at Nudge NL




Anacelle Bautista
2017 Challenge Winner, Co-Founder of PeoplePods

Anna Eelhart
Manager Strategy, Communication & Change

Tey El-Rjula
Founder of Tykn




Danny den Hartog
Sales Director at Somnox

Chris Jansen
Business Process Manager at Unica Groep

Yori Kamphuis
Impact Creator at LeaderScope

Markus Laubscher
Director Sustainability at Philips



Daniel Layug
Co-Founder of PeoplePods

Bernard Leussink
Director Impact Analytics at Steward Redqueen

Precious Mando
Winner 2016 Challenge / Senior Compliance and Prevention Officer at Financial Intelligence Centre



Michiel van Mierlo
Founder of It’s About RoMi



Walle Oppedijk van Veen
Co-Founder and Investment Manager of the ForestEffect Fund




Merel Rumping
Founder LegBank



Isolde Schram
Founder at HopStep&Leap Company


Advaita Sharma
International Expansion and Business Development Manager at INCO Business Group

Roy Vercoulen
Co-founder / CEO at Circular IQ

Erik Jan Verhulst
Founder of Scribe Communities

Corine Vernooij
Lawyer Healthcare and Life Sciences at Van Doorne

Parsia Tayebi
Founder / CEO of Garage