About the Challenge

Young professionals from around the world team up to learn about
leadership, sustainability and impact

 Next edition: October 2023 – March 2024

Why the Nudge Global Impact Challenge?

The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is a six-month personal development programme for young professionals that focuses on leadership, sustainability and impact creation. Our 1,155 alumni form a global network of like-minded young professionals creating impact within their organisations, networks and social environments. Participants join us from leading companies, social enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organisations, or while completing their studies.

14th edition October 23 – March 24

Format Hybrid, starting with a three-day, in-person Learning Experience (8, 9, 10 November 2023) in the Netherlands followed by online sessions until March 2024

Criteria for participation Participants are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, be between the age of 23 and 33, and fluent in English (verbal and written). Above all, they must demonstrate a clear passion for sustainability, a desire to develop their leadership skills, and are eager to make a positive impact.

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The Programme

A unique learning experience for future leaders who want to make a global difference

The Nudge Global Impact Challenge empowers a new generation of leaders that are able to create change, instill impact, embed sustainability, and positively influence organisations and society. The Challenge helps them develop the skills and competencies they need to become innovative leaders in sustainability.

This programme gives participants the support to act upon a sustainability topic they are passionate about. During the Challenge, participants will work together with coaches, guides, trainers, experienced sustainability leaders, peers, and the Nudge team to improve and realise an Impact Project and work on their personal development as a leader in sustainability.

The programme starts with a three-day Learning Experience in the Netherlands (next edition 8-10 November 2023) followed by online sessions.

The Key Learnings

After the six-month development programme, you will have:

completed your Sustainability Impact Plan

developed leadership skills in sustainability

the ability to create more energetic teams

increased the courage to act authentically in realising your dreams and creating real impact

been inspired by top sustainability and leadership experts who give insights and tools on leadership in sustainability

a better understanding what difference you want to make in the world

a better understanding of how Systems Thinking can support you to see the big picture and give a nudge at the right moment to the right person

been motivated by other participants through shared experiences in leadership in sustainability

networked with like-minded individuals and made friends for life

the ability to create real impact with added value

  increased your possibilities to change people’s behaviours through inspiration by touching Head, Heart and Hands

strengthened your passion for sustainability


The framework



Nudge’s method to create impact is by connecting Head, Heart and Hands.

The programme’s framework is based around four building blocks:

  • Changing Perspectives (keynotes, inspiration, interaction)
  • Changing Practices (skills development, presenting, friendly consulting, diverse workshops etc.)
  • Personal development (coaching, leadership training)
  • Purpose (creating a sustainable world)

The Nudge Global Impact Challenge enhances the leadership skills in sustainability of the participants, so they are better equipped to boost to the impact they want to create within their organisations or networks.” – Rick Koster, Founder LeaderScope (programme partner of the Challenge)