Nudge and ABN AMRO partner up again to inspire young talents with a drive for sustainability

Nudge and ABN AMRO partner up again to inspire young talents with a drive for sustainability

ABN AMRO serves retail, private and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on The Netherlands and selective operations internationally. Sustainability forms an integral part of their long-term strategy. ABN AMRO’s ambition is to be a better bank, contributing to a better world. Being very much aware of the impact their products and services have on society, they assume the responsibilities it brings.

Nudge is very proud to announce ABN AMRO has joined the Nudge Global Impact Challenge once more as Support Partner. We both feel that creating relationships through collaboration is the best way forward, especially when it comes to the challenges related to preserving the Earth and helping its inhabitants in a sustainable manner.

This is exactly what the Nudge Global Impact Challenge stimulates. Collaboration is a core feature of our development programme in leadership, sustainability and impact. Helping young talents to bring out the best in each other. At Nudge, we believe that ABN AMRO’s ambition fits right into the theme of this year’s Challenge: ‘GDP or SDG? Nudging young leaders towards sustainable economics’.

ABN AMRO’s commitment to sustainable business practices is, and will be, a great source for inspiration to future leaders and participants of the 2017 Challenge. Contrariwise, ABN AMRO and Nudge believe to get inspired by these young talents and the solution for a better world they will propose.




“The Challenge inspires you to create a space for change by connecting and engaging with the right people. I feel the Nudge Challenge is moving me in the right direction, it helped me to unleash my talent and passion for a better world.” – Robert Hoekstra, Consultant at ABN AMRO and participant of the 2016 Challenge


Picture by Anna Green, Portfolio Fotografie