Daniel Erasmus keynote speaker for the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge

Daniel Erasmus keynote speaker for the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge

Nudge is very proud to confirm the participation of professor Daniel Erasmus as a keynote speaker on the first day of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge (20 – 22 November 2015).

After obtaining a full honours degree in Electronic-Industrial Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University, Daniel co-founded the Foundation Reflecting which examines the influence of the Internet on several aspects of life: from the commercial and economic sides, to the social and cultural ones. Moreover, he created the Weekly Mail & Guardian Rotterdam School of Management Scholarship, was the Secretary General of the Internet Society’s European Co-ordinating Council, and a founding board member of ISOC.NL.

What truly distinguishes Daniel Erasmus as a one of a kind  intellectual is his pioneering  use of scenarios to facilitate thought-provoking debate about the changing information society. Since 1996 DaniDanielErasmusel has facilitated more than a 100 scenario sets on growth of the world population, migration, climate change, technological developments and so forth.

While working on his career Daniel’s interest in environmental policies and climate change has increased. He believes that more than an environmental problem, we have a leadership problem. Thus, he is in favour of a bottom-up type of change where local innovation can be reproduced on a global scale with the support of talented young professionals.

Daniel will inspire, share his knowledge and interact with our leaders of the future on the long term strategies and he will challenge them to think out of the box.