Announcing our first keynote speaker – Inge Brakman

Announcing our first keynote speaker – Inge Brakman

An exciting announcement from Nudge. Inge Brakman will be one of the keynote speakers at the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017. Inge studied law at the University of Amsterdam, and for the last twenty years has worked as an independent advisor, chairman and supervisor with special knowledge of media and communication, human resource development and sustainability.

At the moment, she is chairman of the Netherlands Red Cross, the board of trustees Staatsbosbeheer (state nature preserve) and the advisory board of the Central Bureau of Statistics. She is a supervisory board member of DSM Nederland, Shell Nederland and director of the Foundation Continuity ABN AMRO bank.

“Obligation of reporting performance and growth with indicators from SDG will accelerate the sustainable developments of companies and governments.”

On October 26, the first day of the Challenge, Inge will share her personal vision on this (possible) tension between Gross Domestic Product and the Sustainable Development Goals. As a professional who has worked in the private and public sector, and holder of multiple supervisory roles, Inge Brakman will discuss the importance of leadership, commitment and cooperation in transformation.

Nudge is excited and honored to hear her speak at the Challenge. Our young professionals will be inspired and nudged when listening to the diverse lessons of her experience.