This year’s Challenge theme: Climate Change and World Peace

This year’s Challenge theme: Climate Change and World Peace

Inspired by the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris, this year’s Challenge is themed Climate Change and World Peace. Nudge believes that these big topics are closely connected. Therefore, we want to prepare the future leaders to act upon the challenges arising from climate change.

It’s no longer a secret that stronger hurricanes, droughts, floods and rising sea levels are due to climate change. However, this does not only affect people, wildlife and nature within the areas where these catastrophes happen, but planet earth and its world population at large.

As climate change continues, it will force millions of people to leave their homes and to find a new place to live and work. Other countries will face the challenge to give these huge numbers of refugees of climate change shelter. Their social and economic systems will be put under pressure and might eventually lead to conflicts between refugees and natives. 

So, how can we enhance world peace? What exactly are the conflicts prognosed to be arising? How can a good leader in sustainability help dealing with these challenges?

In this year’s Nudge Global Leadership Challenge world class speakers will give insights into their work and experiences they have made in this field and stimulate the participants to think of solutions.