Spreading the word in Asia: our strengthened media partnership with AsianNGO

Spreading the word in Asia: our strengthened media partnership with AsianNGO

Three years ago, the Hong Kong-based organisation AsianNGO began a media partnership with the Nudge Global Impact Challenge; we’re now taking that partnership to the next level!

AsianNGO started with the sole purpose of supporting and empowering the players working in the development sector. Their goal is to resolve core issues faced by local and global NGOs, nonprofit organisations and social enterprises, such as searching for grants, finding partnerships and developing employees, which hinder them from creating meaningful impact within society.

We consider our partnership with AsianNGO crucial for reaching out to companies and young professionals in the development sector across the Asian continent – with their offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and India – since the diversity of participants at the Challenge is important to us. We’re proud that AsianNGO have recently published an article about us in their iMPACT Magazine and will also promote us on their website and social media.

“Our core principle at AsianNGO is to communicate, collaborate and capacitate. We believe in the philosophy of discovering, connecting, and empowering young talents for their sustainable growth. We recognise this similarity in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, and feel honoured to be the media partner of the Challenge. It’s an essential programme for young professionals, providing them a chance to learn from their predecessors on how to truly create a comprehensive plan and take the leadership role in their sustainable initiatives  for communities.”
– Cynthia Tram, Partner and Network Manager at AsianNGO.



We’re proud to have participants from around the world at the Nudge Global Impact Challenge!

Photo by Bibi Veth