Partner Spotlight – Steward Redqueen

Partner Spotlight – Steward Redqueen




Amsterdam, 31 March 2023

Steward Redqueen is taking on The Challenge and the world!

Today we would like to highlight a valued partner of the Challenge, Steward Redqueen! Their mission is to make business work for society, and they do so by advising organisations on impact and sustainability. They work with businesses to foster an economy which is sustainable and creates positive impacts for its stakeholders. 


But who are Steward Redqueen? What do they stand for? They are a business of which stewardship is a central tenet, it’s right there in their name. The morals of stewardship stand for caring for the needs of others, in this instance the stakeholders of business. Ecosystems, communities and those dependent on these organisations for their livelihoods. Second, the Red Queen principle, which derives its name from Alice in Wonderland which drives a notion of a continuous push for progress in a society and how this is necessary to to keep up with an ever evolving system. Steward Redqueens’ work partnering with organisations to help them manage their impact and create business’ focused on the principles of environmental and social governance have spawned concrete foundations for these organisations to become sustainable and ethical organisations. From cooperating with crowdfunders of SMEs in developing economies to creating research on the social and environmental risks of investments to moderating the creation of the Kenyan Sustainable Finance Initiative.



This sort of work is vital to impact management and empowering businesses and organisations across the world to push themselves in ethical business practices which take stakeholder wellbeing into account and pushing for positive progression towards a sustainable and circular economy. 

It is no wonder they have been avid participants in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, encouraging their young professionals to create impact within their own organisation and through their practices. We look forward to our continued work with Steward Redqueen and their inspiring young change makers!

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