Wageningen University and Nudge, a long standing partnership

Wageningen University and Nudge, a long standing partnership


An impactful collaboration 

The Nudge-Wageningen University cooperation is part of systemic change itself: this partnership helps catalyse the energy and resources of young leaders around the world, and combines it creatively with the energy and resources of their young Wageningen University leaders. It is a well-thought combination of students and researchers seeking to make systemic change happen whilst reflecting carefully about it.

This collaboration is therefore a great opportunity for Wageningen University to have a positive influence on our young professionals in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge looking to develop their impact projects in sustainability. 


Being a leader in sustainability by following systemic change principles 

Domenico Dentoni (associate professor), Rob Lubberink (postdoctoral researcher), and Rahmin Bender (senior lecturer) are prominent figures of this partnership, having been speakers in previous editions of the Challenge. Wageningen University has a long standing reputation for having a focus for sustainability and agriculture. They are currently part of the Business management and organisation department of the University: Rob is currently managing the OSMARE project, closely managed by Domenico, in which they analyse the entrepreneurial practices of farmers in Southern Eastern Africa. Finally, Rahmin Bender co-manages the ELIA project and is turning the systemic change session at the Challenge into a transformative online format.

So why does Wageningen University value systemic change? 

Because it is a thinking process that gives purpose to everyday actions and interactions, recognising that everything is interconnected and that everything around us holds meaning. With this in mind, we can have an idea as to how interconnectedness happens. 

This philosophy that is systemic change is used a lot in their courses in which students are taught through practical approaches. There, they learn how to make their interventions the most effective and are made more aware of certain unforeseen consequences of their actions. With this in mind, our Wageningen University partners want to share this mindset with our very own Nudge Challenge participants. 

“Systemic change is a philosophy in which you comprehend that changing one small element can have an effect on large-scale events.”