Emily Kennedy:  from Challenge participant to a peer coach circle Guide in this year’s programme

Emily Kennedy:  from Challenge participant to a peer coach circle Guide in this year’s programme

A nature enthusiast, and climate change advocate 

Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, Emily now lives in the Annapolis Valley. She studied Environmental and Sustainability for her undergraduate degree at Acadia University, where she concentrated on Sustainable Community Development and Business, and then graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Manchester in International Development. During her prolific academic life, Emily also completed her honors thesis on the commodification of water and focused her Master’s research on emergency disaster relief. With this, Emily now works as a Climate Change Coordinator at the Municipality of the County of Kings.

Her empathy and leadership skills, make her a real force for change

It is her strong appreciation for nature that actually sparked her passion for sustainability. As she grew older, her understanding of nature and raising awareness about it took a more prominent place in her life. Taking action was a way for her to seek positive change, not just in her own community, but also on a global scale.  She constantly wants to empathise on a human level with the different struggles people face worldwide, whether they are affected by the climate crisis, or the current Covid-19 pandemic. Her drive to never let anyone feel that uncertainty is a huge part of what helps her push through the challenges. It is also why she values being surrounded by good energy and fresh ideas. 

Guiding a ‘peer coach circle’ of participants at the 2020 Challenge

She feels that having a leadership role such as her participation as a Guide in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2020, is incredibly rewarding, since she can help others find their own paths.  Emily will work with 6 participants in a peer coach circle at several moments in the 8-months programme. Having also been a participant in the 2016 Challenge and winner of the Nudge Global Impact Award in 2017, Emily sees the Nudge community as a big family, who have been supporting each other’s endeavors throughout the years.  She hopes that her participation as a Guide this year will give her the energy and continued motivation to do the work she does, whilst expanding her understanding of the world around her. 

Her word of advice to fellow participants? Soak up every minute of it! She feels that going in with an open mind and taking the time to make meaningful relationships, is what makes this programme life changing. 

“The perspectives and experiences you have access to can be a game changer.”