Alice’s impact at Ferrero: creating a more inclusive work environment

Alice’s impact at Ferrero: creating a more inclusive work environment

A memorable encounter which sparked a project with impact

Alice has always been an adventurer at heart,  travelling the world throughout most of her life. With a strong passion for the Arts and Humanities, she graduated with a joint degree  in English and American studies, split between  Venice  and New York. In this major, she specifically studied poetry relating to women’s trauma after the events of 9/11.

After spending some time abroad, such as in France, she moved to Alba, Italy, to join Ferrero as an HRIS Analyst in March 2019. Ferrero as a company has always attracted her for its strong sense of ethics and values. It is during this experience that she met an exceptional mentor that sparked her idea for  her Nudge impact project! This senior colleague with extensive experience, taught her everything she needed to know about the job, but it also taught her how incredible connections can be made even  between two drastically different people. This sense of belonging and acceptance are feelings that Alice wanted to incorporate in the professional sphere.

Alice’s nudge for positive change

Her objective became clear: she is determined to offer the same level of support and constructive feedback in the workplace, which in turn would build stronger connections and a more efficient work ethic. This is where her idea turned into what she calls ‘The Blind Project’; opening her colleagues’ eyes on perspectives they would not normally consider by getting benefit from the diversity of the people in the company. Alice has a strong passion for diversity, as she sees it both as a purpose and a method to strengthen relationships but also rethink our ways of thinking and working.

Currently, Alice wants to use her professional path to be a force for change for herself and those around her, as she sees that Diversity & Inclusion is a way towards building a better future. With this in mind, she hopes to spark that ‘nudge’ for change by taking part in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2020.


“With the Blind Project I want to help people make meaningful connections and benefit from new perspectives in the workplace.”