Chidi Nwaogu’s impact plan: ensuring Africa’s strong entrepreneurial value

Chidi Nwaogu’s impact plan: ensuring Africa’s strong entrepreneurial value

“I want to solve Africa’s most pressing problems through innovation and technology.” 


From tech savvy to a life of leadership and inspiration 

Chidi Nwaogu is a software developer and tech entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria. During his academic life, he studied Physics at the University of Lagos, and Software Entrepreneurship at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (Ghana). His love for Nigeria and its neighboring countries, has sparked a strong interest in solving some of Africa’s most pressing problems, through innovation and technology. 

As Chidi remarks,  Africa is the world’s youngest continent, with an estimated 10 to 12 million young Africans joining the labor force each year. Yet the continent is able to create only about 3 million jobs annually. With limited economic opportunities, many young Africans are migrating to Europe and America for economic opportunities. This sparked his passion for sustainability: creating decent work and economic growth in Africa, and subsequently lower poverty thanks to entrepreneurship.


Building a network of young and vibrant african professionals 

By joining the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2020, Chidi intends to design a virtual program for the young and passionate workforce seeking to become part of the new generation of impact-driven professionals. Building this community would stimulate innovation and wealth creation for themselves and the continent, without having to find work opportunities elsewhere. The program will be designed by renowned entrepreneurs with post-revenue businesses. The ultimate goal: provide the younger generation with the knowledge and skills they need to start and scale their impact-driven businesses and succeed as entrepreneurs.

Chidi hopes that the Challenge allows him to meet, share and learn from the other participants; to be inspired by their stories, successes, failures, experiences, and mistakes, which all can help him to double his efforts in creating a more prosperous Africa. Most importantly, he is avid of receiving feedback on his impact plan and to grow from these opinions, as well as building strong relationships and partnerships along the way.