Camille Sowinski, passionate participant creating a sustainable future, one big corporation at a time

Camille Sowinski, passionate participant creating a sustainable future, one big corporation at a time

“My vision about sustainability is quite simple: I believe in the People-Planet-Profit paradigm, and I am eager to learn more whilst being able to share my own ideas on sustainable initiatives.” 


Camille Sowinski, company participant of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2020, works as brand manager for Pralines- Benelux (Ferrero), since March of this year. 

Before her current position, Camille graduated in 2013 from IESEG business school in France, with a specialisation in marketing. Before she joined Ferrero, she held several positions at Danone Baby Food, in consumer and medical marketing, and also spent 1 year in the sales team of a perfume company.

Devotion to sustainability

From the day she started to show interest in sustainability, Camille completely changed her habits at home and in the private sphere in order to reflect her strong devotion to this way of life. For example, she uses her bike as her principal mode of transport, uses compost bins, buys bulk products and locally sourced ingredients, carpools when possible etc. All of these small changes in her habits, if done seriously, can truly have an impact sustainability-wise, and Camille hopes that her initiatives can inspire others to do the same. 

She also took this passion to the next level by participating in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2020. According to her, Nudge offers the opportunity to work on her sustainability projects more concretely, as well as broaden her scope as a young professional. It is a very exciting time for her to begin working on Ferrero’s sustainable transformation as well as learn to lead her own sustainability projects in the future.  

Vision and Impact Plan 

Her vision is quite simple: she believes in the ‘People-Planet-Profit’ paradigm, an accounting framework that is used to evaluate the performance between the social, environmental and financial pillars, and assure the best business value. This is why the Nudge Global Impact Challenge is ideal for her! She is looking forward to sharing her project on more environmentally-friendly packaging with the other ‘Challenge change makers’. Camille knows that this would highly benefit the community.