Philips Account Executive, Ken Laczynski: improving the lives and wellness of those he serves

Philips Account Executive, Ken Laczynski: improving the lives and wellness of those he serves

“Sustainability is the path by which we will help the future grow and innovate more intelligently.”

From prolific student to young pioneer in sustainability

Ken Laczynski currently works at Philips in the healthcare industry, trying to transform the largest healthcare systems in the world from top to bottom. He previously graduated with a Master’s degree in International Relations and is now based in Detroit, Michigan, whilst continuing his executive education at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  for leadership and management, on the side of his current position. This academic opportunity helps him focus on applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things that are needed within healthcare.
His passion for sustainability was not sparked by a single thing or occurrence.  Instead, it was a gradual illumination to the global systemic issues that persist and continue to grow.  Climate change, disastrous pollution, conflict over resources, endangered species, and geopolitics have reached a critical mass that were no longer possible to ignore. The more Ken researched about these issues and the possible solutions, the more he began to pave the way towards creating lasting impact. 

Giving the healthcare industry a more sustainable future

This strong interest for sustainability is what led him to develop the following long-term objectives in his impact plan: combatting electronics waste and helping special needs populations. Ken is in the process of building his own organisation -‘Recommunicate’- to sustainably provide communication and enablement tools to populations in need. He hopes to accomplish this by repurposing electronic waste, converting it into usable tools for populations in need, such as individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). In the long run, this would therefore reduce electronic waste whilst improving the tools and procedures in the mental health sector. 

As a lifelong student, Ken knows the significance of how one person can make a difference in the world if they have the drive and the thirst for change and knowledge. Him being fully devoted to this concept is what makes him a wonderful company participant for this year’s Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2020. All in all, he plans to bring Philips’ vision and his personal experience to the Nudge community whilst developing his skills amongst a community of young visionaries like himself.