‘Farming and dairy carries a responsibility’: Arla Foods joins the Challenge

‘Farming and dairy carries a responsibility’: Arla Foods joins the Challenge

At Arla they believe that the best results are created by working together

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Arla Foods is a Northern-European dairy cooperative owned by 10.300 farmers from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, UK and the Netherlands. As one of the biggest dairies in the world, they feel a huge responsibility to people, society, animal welfare and to the planet – today and in the future. Arla will be joining the Challenge for the first time, with two of their young professionals, thus proving their devotion to sustainability and the confidence in their new generation of leaders.

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Climate, Animals, and Nature are at the forefront of business

Farming and dairy carries a responsibility towards climate change and protecting the climate is a top priority for Arla. They want to inspire customers and consumers by using the versatility of milk to carefully produce dairy products developing the category, while taking care of the planet, animals and people.

At Arla, animal welfare and sustainable farming goes hand in hand. Working with animals is the reason why dairy farmers choose that line of work. Peter Stamp Enemark, animal welfare expert in Arla, explains that healthy and happy cows are a result of good management, which influences the quality and the amount of the milk produced. 

By doing continuous carbon and energy assessments, Arla’s farmer owners care for the climate and take significant steps towards reaching Arla’s sustainability ambition: to reduce the total CO2 emissions by 30 per cent per kilo milk by 2030 and to become carbon net zero by 2050. 

The climate change is a challenge waiting to be solved

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges the world is facing today. While farming and dairy carries a responsibility towards society and the planet, it is also a great opportunity to contribute positively and help find solutions. Arla’s Sustainable Dairy Farming serves as a guiding star for the dairy cooperative and the farmer owners in their continuous work, taking positive steps towards even more sustainable dairy farming.

We look forward to welcoming Arla to the 10th edition of our Challenge and empowering their young professionals to make a difference!