ABN AMRO joins the 2018 Challenge – A better bank contributing to a better world

ABN AMRO joins the 2018 Challenge – A better bank contributing to a better world

ABN AMRO serves retail, private and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on the Netherlands. The bank supports the transition to a circular economy, and proactively seeks out clients wishing to switch to a circular business model.


They are working together with their clients to achieve three goals by 2020:

  • finance 1 billion euros in circular assets,
  • finance 100 circular loans,
  • cut CO2 emissions by 1 million tons.

With a strong emphasis on enforcing a sustainability strategy, ABN AMRO has placed their focus in these four key areas:

  1. Sustainable business operations: business operations based on a moderate risk profile, pursue a sustainable HR policy and continue to reduce the ecological footprint.
  2. Clients’ interest centre stage and sustainable relationships: communicate in plain language, make the financial reporting more transparent, engage with stakeholders and advise clients on responsible banking and entrepreneurship.
  3. Financial expertise for the benefit of society: encourage  employees to put their financial expertise to work as volunteers for people in vulnerable or deprived situations. Help social entrepreneurs and invest their own money in social enterprises.
  4. Sustainable finance and investment services: When assessing clients and credit applications, apply guidelines addressing possible ecological, social and ethical risks and screen new clients by reviewing their activities based on the bank’s sustainability risk policy and exclusion list.

Already thinking ahead to the year 2030, ABN AMRO is investing in existing buildings and the energy transition to fulfill the objectives outlined above. Watch the video below and read their visual story for more information.

Nudge is proud to announce that ABN AMRO has joined the Nudge Global Impact Challenge once more as Support Partner. Both companies believe that collaboration is the best way forward when it comes to tackling global sustainability challenges and we’re excited to welcome their three young professionals this autumn!

“The Nudge Global Impact Challenge teaches you to have more impact, but also gives you new faith in humanity because of all the beautifully inspiring people from all over the world.”

– Sabine Oudt, Portfolio Manager Social Impact Bonds at ABN AMRO and winner of the 2017 Challenge.