P2 at the Challenge: ‘A good idea can turn the world upside down’

P2 at the Challenge: ‘A good idea can turn the world upside down’

P2 is a consultancy company in Rossum, the Netherlands, founded in 1993 with the idea of combining process and project management. Since then, the organisation has grown from 2 to 75 passionate professionals. P2 believes that to ensure great ideas actually work, you need to link strategy, realisation and development. With clients such as Tony’s Chocolonely and international food companies, P2 works in multi-disciplinary ways to put great ideas into practice. Their areas of expertise are: Food, Mobility, Energy, Urban Life, Land and Water.

When P2 started 25 years ago, consultancy meant giving advice and others were responsible for its execution. For Robert-Jan Zonneveld, the founder of P2, however, it was only logical to offer both services combined. From there this particular method of consulting evolved, bringing together strategy, realisation and development.

Strategy provides new perspectives. P2 discovers new business models with their clients, creates a strategy and translates that into realisation. That’s how they work to increase the strategic capacity of their clients.

A solid methodology isn’t enough; commitment and drive is also needed. In complex assignments, often many people are involved, all with their own interests in play. P2 takes an independent position, strives for added value for all the parties involved and keeps a clear eye on the finish line.

This third pillar of P2 is focused on the durability of the organisation: P2 works to increase the capacity for change of people and organisations in the long run to assure their sustainable growth.

Nudge is very happy to have P2 at the Challenge for the first time this year and we look forward to working together with their participant, Karlijn Oomen, on how to put great sustainability ideas into practice.

Image source: P2 website