Interface is the Country Support Partner of Germany for the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge

Interface is the Country Support Partner of Germany for the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge

Interface is the globally largest carpet tile designer and producer. For the brand, design is a mindset and sustainability is the journey of a lifetime. This is one of the reasons why Nudge is proud to have secured the partnership with Interface for the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2015.

As soon as 1994, Ray Anderson, the founder of Interface, realised that industrial processes were unsustainable and careless towards the future: they contributed massively to environmental polution and to global warming by the means of emissions and uncontrolled waste disposal. That is when Interface decided to start Mission Zero and become the first completely sustainable company by 2020. The impact sought by their new business model aims at having restorative impact both on economy and society by avoiding negative long-term consequences on the environment and communities. Therefore they have set seven ambitious goals for themselves: eliminate waste, benign emissions, use renewable energy, create a circular economy system for their products, increase the sustainability of transportation of  materials and products, sensitising stakeholders and redesigning commerce.

In order to achieve such great aspirations, Interface reaches out for talented people able to come up with innovative solutions in the fields of sustainability and circular economy. The constant struggle to restructure the unsustainability of industries demands great efforts and high-driven thinking, exactly what the future participants of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge will be trained to do. Interface will assist Nudge in the search of new young leaders in sustainability by supporting the participation of two young leaders in sustainability from Germany. The dedication to a more sustainable economy demonstrated over the years by both companies has made this partnership not only possible, but also a major success.

With regards to the outcomes of this partnership Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development, says:

“The Nudge Global Leadership Challenge is a great opportunity for young professionals to strenghten their leadership skills in sustainability. Interface needs these leaders of the future to help realize our long term sustainability goals and make sure our Mission Zero will be accomplished.”