A new partnership. Ensto joins as Support Partner of the 2017 Nudge Global Impact Challenge

A new partnership. Ensto joins as Support Partner of the 2017 Nudge Global Impact Challenge

‘We believe in a better life with electricity and more sustainable tomorrow.’ This is the core ambition of Ensto. An international family business founded in 1958, Ensto is a cleantech company that designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation. At present, Ensto employs 1,600 passionate professionals in Europe, USA and Asia.

Ensto believes that the engagement and skills of their personnel are the key to success. ‘Ensto’s values are values of the Ensto people’. These shared values and Ensto’s ethical principles make up the foundation of their sustainability work – a common responsibility to build a better society by improving energy efficiency and promoting sustainable development. According to Ensto, this diversity and involvement is a strength that helps attract the most talented and motivated people.

The knowledge and creativity of these employees has helped Ensto define its four sustainability focus areas – their long-term ambitions. They are: Leading by Example, Improving Energy Efficiency, Reducing Environmental Impacts and Taking Care. Their realisation occurs through concrete action plans, including quality management, reducing energy consumption of operations, and waste management. At the same time, Ensto continuously innovates its practices, products and thinking models to discover novel sustainability solutions.

Ensto’s respect for people and the environment accurately reflects the tenets of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. We are looking forward to welcoming their participant at the Challenge, learn more about her sustainability impact plan, and facilitate Ensto in its vision.

Source: Ensto