Rabobank, ‘Growing a better world, together’ and present at this year’s Challenge

Rabobank, ‘Growing a better world, together’ and present at this year’s Challenge

Rabobank is an international financial services provider with its roots in the Netherlands. They contribute courageously and decisively to solving social problems in society. The mission of Rabobank is ‘Growing a better world together’.

Sustainable development is most likely to succeed when individuals and businesses join forces to pursue this goal together. Rabobank aims to empower customers and strengthen their communities by providing financial services in conjunction with access to its knowledge and networks. Experience has taught them that caring for people, the climate and the environment often goes hand in hand with the creation of new income opportunities.

Amongst other efforts, Rabobank has invested their time to three key areas as a contribution to a better climate: supporting retail and business clients to achieve greater sustainability, accelerating the sustainable development of agriculture and the food supply and strengthening local communities.

In relation to this year’s theme, the circular economy, Rabobank has shown its true engagement in working towards the Dutch goal of becoming a circular country by 2050. Rabobank is working to catalyse this transition in some specific ways, namely: investigating budget requirements and the risks and opportunities of circular business models; raising consumer awareness; stimulating entrepreneurs to work in the circular enterprise; contributing to insights into organisational aspects of circularity and systematic changes in infrastructure.

At Nudge we consider their efforts inspiring to be at the front-end of the circular economy transition in the Netherland. We are excited to engage in such topics with the young professional from Rabobank attending the Challenge in October. 

Entrance Rabobank Office building in Utrecht, The Netherlands. (Source)