‘Earth defence starts from raw materials’ – Ferrero’s commitment to the environment

‘Earth defence starts from raw materials’ – Ferrero’s commitment to the environment

Ferrero began its story in the little town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946. Today, with a turnover of over 10 billion euros, Ferrero is amongst the market leaders of the confectionery sector. Nudge is proud to share that Ferrero, a loyal Support Partner of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, will send 6 participants again this year.

Ferrero is committed to environmentally friendly production, using the best technologies available, using energy, materials and natural resources efficiently and consuming water resources in a responsible and reasonable manner. The world-famous confectionery company aims to minimise environmental impact all along its entire value chain from raw material sources up to the final logistic activities.

Year after year, the Ferrero Group further strengthens its commitment through long term projects and objectives, such as the agricultural sustainable practices project F-ACTS, which defines Ferrero’s commitment to sustaining sustainable raw materials; and the FER-Way project, for effective management in environmental sustainability, from the efficient use of resources to the protection of the natural ecosystem.

Reward Partner of 2017 Challenge

Ferrero was also the official reward partner of last year’s Challenge – the three 2017 winners spent a week in Georgia with Ferrero learning all about their hazelnut production at the AgriGeorgia farm. Watch the highlights here: