BMW Group, ‘global responsibility through dialogue’

BMW Group, ‘global responsibility through dialogue’

The BMW Group has a long tradition of minimising its impact on nature and the environment. Back in 1973, they were the first automobile manufacturer worldwide to appoint their own environmental officer. They are reducing their resource consumption, lowering emissions and avoiding waste, as well as taking environmental factors into account in their choice of locations.

The Group believes that sustainability is capable of making a positive contribution to the company’s long-term business success. Taking social and environmental responsibility for everything they do is an integral part of how they perceive themselves as a company. They are convinced that the lasting economic success of any enterprise these days is based increasingly on acting responsibly and ensuring social acceptance.

With a vision of maintaining and spreading global responsibility through dialogue, the BMW Group have established a new format for exchange with stakeholders around the world. They pursue ongoing, intensive dialogue with stakeholders from core markets: the Americas, Europe and Asia. The goal is to create a comprehensive learning process for the constant development of ideas to help them better achieve their sustainability objectives.

This video gives an impression of their dialogue sessions in Madrid:

Nudge fully agrees with the Group’s idea of spreading global responsibility for the environment through dialogue (since this is also what Nudge tries to do!) and we’re thrilled to have the BMW Group at the Challenge for the first time this year. We look forward to working together with their talented young participants, Paul Osswald and Philip Obst!