Cireco’s mission: pursuing a circular future, both in Finland and around the world

Cireco’s mission: pursuing a circular future, both in Finland and around the world

A historic building with a modern concept 

Cireco Finland’s innovative headquarters: Embedding Circular Economy concepts in the heart of their workplace.

Cireco headquartersDeveloper and builder for the circular economy in Finland, Cireco is a long-standing partner of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge! We are proud to present their story: two steps and the giant leap. Taking care of tomorrow does not have to mean abandoning yesterday, and Cireco Finland Ltd has just proved this. Here is Cireco’s story so far.
In February, Cireco Finland moved their operations to the recently acquired Jugend castle in the industrial island of Tehdassaari in the heart of Nokia, Finland. The iconic industrial island of Tehdassaari (translates to Factory Island) saw the birth of Nokia company almost 150 years ago. Built in 1908, the building acquired by Cireco was used as the first headquarters of Nokia Corporation. The building was designed by renowned architect Birger Federley and boasts the magnificent Art Nouveau architectural style. 

With their operational philosophy deeply rooted in Circular Economy Principles, this was a no-brainer when the opportunity came, comments Perttu Ketola, the Chairman of the board at Cireco (pictured bottom right). “It was almost a year ago when we first visited the island, and it was love at first sight. A few months after the visit, we had to relocate since the building where our then office was located was being renovated. We moved to another building on the island midway through 2020 and when the HQ became available, we just knew we had to get it.”, he recalls.

Perttu Ketola

Perttu Ketola, Chairman of the board at Cireco

Change begins from within, from ourselves

Cireco has started to develop the building dating from the early 1900s, into a circular and sustainable workspace from which they will strengthen their success story as a pioneer and innovator in the circular economy and pursue the journey towards a circular future, both in Finland and around the world.     

Take a virtual tour of the building: 

Taking action for a sustainable world

The real journey begins

The beginning of April was unforgettable for everybody at Cireco. On 4.4, the newly established Cireco Tehdassaari Kiinteistökehitys Oy won the auction for the adjacent 13000 m2 warehouse on the island as well.

Cireco Finland Ltd is now proudly embarking on an eco-social welfare center development project on Tehdassaari. Employing holistic regional development, ecological construction, and renewable energy, with a concentration on social impact, the region will be built as a model for sustainable development and promotion of the circular economy. New jobs, offices, industry, leisure opportunities, services, culture, and art as well as events are coming to the island. The plan is to create a Renewable Energy Living Lab and a holistic Ecosocial Wellbeing Platform as well as an Energy Society along with various other innovations in the pipeline.  

Tehdassaari is a valuable part of the Pirkanmaa landscape and is also key to the area’s archaeological heritage. The property comprises 28,304m², and the gross area of the existing structures is 13,000m². Tehdassaari is located along the Nokianvirta river at Souranderintie 2, one kilometer from the center of Nokia, and 15 kilometers from the center of Tampere. The cultural and historical buildings in the area date to around 100 years ago. The historic industrial building in the area was built over a hundred years from 1885 to 1969 and has been altered according to functions in several stages. 

A centre for ecosocial wellbeing

Cireco Tehdassaari Kiinteistökehitys Oy will start project development immediately, with Cireco Finland Oy as developer consultant. Tehdassaari will become a centre for ecosocial wellbeing, combining sustainable development and circular economy solutions. The project is anticipated to involve an exceptionally large number of stakeholders due to its multidimensional nature and high level of interest.

The buildings will be renovated ecologically and in accordance with circular economy concepts; the services and facilities of the sharing economy will be utilised; renewable energy will be produced, and efforts will be made to maximise social well-being. Cireco Tehdassaari Kiinteistökehitys Oy responds to the needs of systemic change. The area will include offices, industry, recreational opportunities, and art, as well as cultural events.

“Sustainability and circular economy are more about doing than talking. We cannot accelerate the transition into circular economy unless we act. We understand that repairing and reuse of buildings should be considered whenever possible. Now, we have an opportunity, the beginning of the real journey, to create impact. We are delighted to continue doing what we do best and ‘walk the talk’ towards the paradigm shift we dream of.”, Perttu continues.

So, what does the future hold for the historic Tehdassaari industrial area?

Ecological construction ✓ Renewable Energy Solutions ✓ Social Impact ✓ Economic Impact ✓ Holistic Regional Development ✓…and much more.

Cireco welcomes those interested in our project to join us! The circular economy will be built together! ♻  

See the 360-degree view of the island: 

Let’s take care of tomorrow, together!cireco circular economy logo