Harigovind Mukundan: Making sustainable solutions understandable and accessible

Harigovind Mukundan: Making sustainable solutions understandable and accessible

“Innovative and accessible solutions for everyday problems can help create a more sustainable and circular world.”


Relocated to Finland, his ‘spiritual home’

Harigovind Mukundan is our 2020 Challenge participant from Cireco: a Finnish based developer and builder for the circular economy. Born and raised in India, he moved to Finland in 2016 not only to study, but also because he fell in love with its nature (and heavy metal music scene)! 

After completing his bachelors in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2020, Harigovind decided to pursue his masters in Environmental Engineering from Tampere University of Technology. Alongside his masters he works as a Circular Innovation Facilitator and Strategist at Cireco. 


Solving complex problems with simple solutions

A natural problem-solver, Harigovind is constantly preoccupied with ideating “innovative and accessible solutions to everyday problems.” His passion for sustainability grew out of an initial desire to solve three main issues: waste management, water scarcity and energy accessibility. More recently Harigovind has been focused on the potential of the circular economy. Projects he is currently involved in are aimed at creating awareness about sustainability and circular economy, and making sustainable alternatives more accessible and attractive to people.

Building a bridge between generations to conserve language and culture

Harigovind describes his impact project as the development of a social impact platform. This platform would connect older and younger generations, both reducing loneliness among the elderly as well as conserving languages and cultures.

Why he joined the Challenge 

He says, “It is inspiring to see that there are so many people…who want to make an impact and be the change.” Harigovind describes the Challenge as a great opportunity to build a global network of like-minded people who can challenge each other to become better leaders in sustainability.

This is the second year that Cireco Finland Oy has sent employees to our Challenge. We are thrilled to partner up with such a wonderfully innovative company in our search for future leaders!