The Banksia Foundation, sustainability leader of the Antipodes

The Banksia Foundation, sustainability leader of the Antipodes

Let us share with you a few words about the Banksia Foundation, our Australian network partner!

Based in Melbourne, the Banksia Foundation is a social enterprise devoted to sustainability in society and business since it was founded in 1989. Banksia Foundation visualOver the years, Banksia became renowned in Australia and built many successful partnerships all over the world connecting with organisations sharing similar mission, including Nudge!

The foundation focuses on supporting initiatives from individuals and organisations that work towards a sustainable future and helps the projects gain national recognition. On top of that, they actively educate the community about the importance of pro-environmental behaviour. Following their activity, and noticing the impact they create, we are certain that Banksia is on the best way to become Australia’s  “sustainability hub” which is one of their main goals.

Recently, Banksia has revealed the Sustainability Awards Winners’ names for this year’s, 32nd edition. The awards are regarded as one the most prestigious sustainability awards in Australia and are meant for the most impactful initiatives based around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The projects of the finalists are highly diverse – they focus on wildlife conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction, and solutions for sustainable cities. Participants have a chance to win in one or more categories, each of them focusing on a different aspect of impact creation – business, community & charity, NFP’s & NGO’s, research & academia. 

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale

World Biggest Garage Sale

source: @banksiafnd

One of this year’s finalists is the World’s Biggest Garage Sale in partnership with Officeworks. The organisation, holding the Banksia Medium Business Award, has also just won the Minister’s Award for the Environment!

WBGS is all about sustainability by popularising and reinventing the circular economy. The initiative, located in Queensland and led by inspired people, focuses on extending life-cycles of products by recycling them or fixing manufacturing defects. Not only does it help to reduce general waste but also, as a result, they end up creating unique items. 

Banksia shouted out WBGS for finding a successful way to measure their impact and communicate the results, which is a significant aspect of every sustainability project.

While the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is doing a great thing in Australia, there are plenty of smaller-scale initiatives with similar missions spread around the world. Locally, they help to reduce waste and give a second life to all kinds of items. Organising a garage sale in your neighbourhood could be a great way to promote sustainable behaviour and become a local community leader!