Saving our seas: Plastic Soup Foundation dives in to the Challenge and sponsors a wild card!

Saving our seas: Plastic Soup Foundation dives in to the Challenge and sponsors a wild card!

As a long-standing Friend of Nudge, the Plastic Soup Foundation will contribute to the Nudge Global Impact Challenge this year by sponsoring a wild card participant! The foundation wants to give this opportunity to a young professional who will make as much impact as possible.

Mission and vision

The mission of the Plastic Soup Foundation is ‘No plastic waste in our water!’

They do not take plastic out of the water; instead, they want to put an end to the increasing amount of plastic polluting the ocean by tackling the issue at its sources. Think of microplastics in cosmetics or synthetic fibres from clothing. These all end up in the ocean one way or another. The foundation has been working towards this goal since 2011. According to the international press, they are now  ‘One of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution.’

With a devoted Amsterdam-based team, the Plastic Soup Foundation works to raise public awareness, to educate people and to find solutions which help tackle the causes of plastic soup at the source.

Plastic Soup Foundation and Nudge

Like Nudge, the Plastic Soup Foundation believes in developing future leaders who want to make a positive and sustainable impact on the world. Maria Westerbos, Founder and Director, says:

“Change is difficult, but the young people who take the lead now in finding ways to fight plastic pollution will later be ahead of the game.”


We’re very proud to welcome the Foundation on board as a wild card sponsor since we believe wholeheartedly in their mission. Now that the application deadline has passed, we’ve just begun the selection process to find the lucky winner of this wild card!

Photo: Jan van Betten, Founder of Nudge, with Maria Westerbos, Founder of the Plastic Soup Foundation.