Greenchoice becomes Support Partner in the Global Challenge

Greenchoice becomes Support Partner in the Global Challenge

Nudge is proud to announce that Greenchoice has renewed its partnership and will send one of their promising young professionals to the Global Challenge. As a founding partner of Nudge it has successfully participated in various editions of the Nudge Leadership Challenge, and now it is time to go global!

The energy Greenchoice provides is greener than green, as their entire supply of power and gas comes from sustainable sources. On top of that, Greenchoice plants trees to compensate for gas emissions. Greenchoice strives for a world in which everyone consciously deals with energy. Therefore, they think that everyone should be able to manage their own energy supply. Greenchoice takes a leading position in green energy in the Netherlands. Innovative and connective leaders are crucial to maintaining the positive trend towards 100% green energy, and that is why the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge is an excellent opportunity to invest in leadership skills in sustainability.


Alumni Juan Echeverry Gonzalez (team member of Greenchoice) was sent to the Challenge and shares his thoughts:

“I had a great time during the Nudge Leadership Challenge. Not only have I met beautiful people, but I have been inspired to take action – to just do it- as well! I was never very much involved with sustainability, because I had no concrete plan. Right now, I have the tools to concretise my plan and to start working.”

Nudge looks forward to work on a cleaner world with the talents of Greenchoice!