Things are heating up as Calor Gas steps on board!

Things are heating up as Calor Gas steps on board!

Calor Gas is ‘thinking of the future today’ and this year they’re doing so by having one of their young professionals in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge for the fourth time.

Since 1935, Calor Gas has grown to become the UK’s leading supplier of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) – and now part of SHV energy, a global family of LPG companies, which has a vision to be Better, Cleaner, Together.

Calor is committed to a sustainable future and they focus on innovation and sustainability to provide the best possible service for their customers, as well as tackling rural fuel poverty and developing ways to cut emissions and waste.

Calor is also a member of numerous sustainability organisations, so that they ‘can learn from others’ best practice ideas as well as push the sustainability agenda with government and other authorities as part of an industry wide collaborative group’. Nudge is very pleased to have Calor Gas on board with us again and is looking forward to further developing another of their future leaders in the field of sustainability.




“The Challenge is intense, but great fun. It gives the opportunity for development in a fantastic, safe, encouraging environment. I personally learned that I have the ability to be a leader if I see the qualities in myself that others see.”
– Katie Latta, Sustainability Executive, Calor Gas



Photo by Bibi Veth