Gruppo Mondadori, a new Support Partner of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017

Gruppo Mondadori, a new Support Partner of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017

Gruppo Mondadori is one of Europe’s chief publishing companies in the book sector, magazines and retail. Its activities in publishing range from creation of products to marketing and distribution, with more than 50 subsidiaries  and 3,076 employees. Nonetheless, the Gruppo’s main activities remain books.

Since its inception, in 1907, Gruppo Mondadori has strived to be a sustainable media company through reconciling traditional values and innovation. They have been providing readers with numerous opportunities for growth, entertainment and enrichment, supporting the sustainable development of communities, all while developing the Gruppo into an inclusive and diverse business.

This aspect of connection is a key value of the social responsibility commitment of Gruppo Mondadori. At the same time, it is a big responsibility as the company must ensure that their awareness and attention to the environment and community aligns to the company’s economic growth and development.

Gruppo Mondadori is also very committed to its internal community – a fundamental factor in the company’s success. The company makes sure that discrimination and stress are absent in all work relations and the working environment. This guarantees the dignity of each worker, strengthens and ensures positive relations, and provides an opportunity for each worker to grow.

Gruppo Mondadori’s mission is to ‘Encourage the dissemination of culture and ideas through products, activities and services that satisfy the needs and tastes of the widest possible audience’. The Gruppo combines love for culture, quality publishing and laws of the market into a company that can be the agent of change within civil society.