Woodmy Jean Baptiste, company participant: Act to Inspire, Educate to Sustain

Woodmy Jean Baptiste, company participant: Act to Inspire, Educate to Sustain


Woodmy Jean Baptiste comes from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a city and community he is very passionate about.  

In 2015, he co-founded an organisation that offers support to young adults who just finished with school, to give them the tools and confidence they need to enter the professional world. This has been done through a series of conferences called ‘VOCATION’, with the aim of sharing knowledge, tips and strategies that can be helpful in real-life situations. With this project, Woodmy sought the opportunity to educate others with his practical feedback, and therefore build a stronger local community. With that, he also uses his voice to motivate others through various digital platforms such as podcasts, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

With a background in electromechanical studies, Woodmy is currently working in the industrial field as a utilities operation coordinator for Brana S.A., a beverage company part of the Heineken Group.

Woodmy and Brana S.A. share the same passion for sustainability: enhancing the living conditions of people in Haiti

Since he was a child, Woodmy saw his country suffer from the amount of waste that amounted the streets. He made it his goal as a young professional, to find a sustainable solution to this issue: his company is devoted to recycle 100% of Brana plastic packaging materials in Port-au-Prince, as part of the Brana Plastic Reducin (BPR) program.  

The project’s priority is to create more awareness and involvement within other beverage companies to protect Haiti’s environment, whilst educating the population towards supporting this change (by creating summits or conferences in universities for example). 

Snowball effect

For Woodmy, taking part in the Challenge, is a great way to enhance his leadership in sustainability. With the BPR program as his impact project, he also aims to increase its success and therefore support his community and the environment. In the end, he hopes that this will have a snowball effect and inspire other companies to follow in Brana’s footsteps. 


“If everyone makes a small effort, we can make big changes for the long term.”