Woodmy Jean Baptiste: Alumnus Update

Woodmy Jean Baptiste: Alumnus Update

Do you remember our participant Woodmy Jean Baptiste? We have some inspiring updates about his personal  and professional development!

As you may remember, Woodmy is a real life dreamer and idealist, he believes in the responsibility that each and every one of us has towards ourselves and others during our lifespan. According to Woodmy, the journey of finding a suitable trajectory to pursue our purpose and navigate our responsibility does not come without doubts and setbacks. He considers today’s world to be hectic, busy, and full of challenges which can be overcome by believing in oneself.

Woodmy realised the above whilst participating in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge last year. Thanks to his coach Anke, he learned where to find that inner fuel to pursue what matters to him, in other words how to pursue his very own trajectory. By now you must wonder what is  Woodmy’s inner driver? It is helping people, in particular his community, by tackling current issues such as climate change. 

His Impact Project has become a reality! His project consisted in creating a system to recycle plastic bottles at his former organisation, Brana S.A. He managed to combine his passions in order to help his community, and established himself as a problem solver in sustainability in Haiti. What an achievement!

But it doesn’t end here, he is now the country manager of 4Ocean, a company trying to end the plastic crisis by cleaning the oceans from trash. Woodmy has big plans: his goal is to create a platform to reduce plastic pollution in Haiti. Our alumnus wants to connect the beverage industry, experts on the topic of plastic pollution and other organisations to come up with a collective effort to generate Impact and find a solution to plastic pollution.  

Finally, he also founded Zero Loss Consulting, a firm that supports companies in reducing their operational and maintenance costs in Haiti. It also helps them enhance their processes by implementing international standardisation, using methodologies such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Total Productive Management. 



“I believe there are two ways to face the world’s problems: either by witnessing all the negativity of the world and complain, or embrace a positive attitude to find an actionable solution. The best thing to do is to choose your battle based on your calling, you can’t solve all the problems. I learned this during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge; we can all make a difference.”