Rexel is partnering up with Nudge for the Global Impact Challenge 2017

Rexel is partnering up with Nudge for the Global Impact Challenge 2017

Nudge can proudly announce that Rexel will participate for the first time in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. As a leader in the professional distribution of electrical products and services, Rexel supports its customers with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Rexel has created a sustainable development programme with five pillars, including developing innovative energy management solutions, improving the environmental performance of their operations and improving access to energy efficiency for all.

‘The fight against climate change is a top priority, and that means not only consuming less energy, but above all, consuming energy more efficiently.’

The Rexel group created the Rexel Foundation for a better energy future, with the mission of improving energy efficiency for all. The foundation aims to foster information sharing, innovation, greater energy efficiency awareness among the general public, and to facilitate the emergence of new social innovation models. It also supports community projects that promote access to clean, efficient energy and contributes to the development and self-sufficiency of the poorest communities. 

Rexel’s mission clearly matches with the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. We are eager to welcome their talents and help them develop into the next leaders in sustainability.