Participant Spotlight: Rick Lenior ABN AMRO Clearing

Participant Spotlight: Rick Lenior ABN AMRO Clearing

Meet Rick, one of our participants from ABN AMRO Clearing!

Rick comes from the Netherlands, he was born and raised in Monnickendam, a small city surrounded by beautiful green areas. He is a Business Developer at ABN AMRO Clearing, a global top three Clearing bank, but what does that mean? His job consists of gathering, analysing, and refining business requirements and doing the first step of translating them to IT action steps. Of course, his tasks comprehend a wide range of other activities such as project management. 

His project during the Challenge has shifted slightly as he developed his idea. He originally aspired to make ESG data (Environmental, Social, and Governance data) more accessible and comparable for professional and non-professional investors. This type of data is particularly important because it provides information on the performance of an organisation in terms of environmental and social impact, as well as of governance. His project evolved and he is now working on expanding the development of a business intelligence dashboard to quantify the trading behaviour of ABN AMRO Clearing clients into a weighted average ESG Risk score. 

His Impact Plan is related to the Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 9, in line with the purpose of ABN AMRO Clearing, namely “Leading the Way to Safe and Transparent Markets Globally”. Developing a BI dashboard to get insights into the sustainability of trading activities contributes to more transparent markets globally and decent work and economic growth. 

For Rick, the Challenge has served as a strong reality check; it showed him that creating impact is a lengthy process made of a lot of effort and determination. Combining his personal life, professional life and his willingness to create impact is a challenge in itself, but it comes with great learnings and new perspectives. According to him, the Challenge is an excellent opportunity to grow professionally and personally, as it provides the participants with new insights, connections and knowledge regarding leadership and sustainability. He uses these new perspectives to evolve in his career and in his personal life, and create sustainable impact around him and within his company. 


“During the Challenge, you get to connect with so many passionate people eager to create impact. The programme regularly pulls you out of your comfort zone and offers fresh perspectives.”