Gustas Sudintas: Inventing a tool to create behavioral change

Gustas Sudintas: Inventing a tool to create behavioral change

“We, as a species that has challenged themselves throughout history, should not make the easy choice but the right choice.”


Ready to create a positive impact

Gustas Sudintas, junior business consultant at ENGIE, is one of our motivated 2020 company participants! Originally from Lithuania, Gustas moved to Breda, the Netherlands, to complete his bachelors in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Energy Technology at Avans University of Applied Sciences. While certain he wanted to make a positive impact in the world, Gustas was not always set on doing an environmentally focused study. He was unsure of whether to pursue a more creative career or a more practical one. In the end, Gustas decided that environmental studies was a more logical choice. After finishing his studies in 2019, Gustas immediately jumped into the workforce. He joined the Geothermal team at ENGIE Ventures & Integrated Solutions.

Passionate about behavioral change

Gustas describes his passion for sustainability as stemming from a particular moment in his childhood. He remembers watching people around him carelessly consuming single use items without realising that it will just accumulate into an unnecessary mountain of waste. That was when it all ‘clicked’ for him. He realised that people are so accustomed to making the ‘faster, easier’ choice, that it becomes the ‘normal’ choice. Gustas is passionate about changing our wasteful everyday behaviors, so humans start making the ‘right’ choices, and committing to a more sustainable future. 

Guiding his company in a more sustainable direction

Throughout his participation in Nudge Global Impact Challenge, Gustas will be working on a project within ENGIE. He is developing a template and guidebook for ENGIE employees that will help them evaluate the environmental impact of their choices. Currently it only informs users of their personal progress, but Gustas hopes to expand the template to calculate both personal and work related activities. Through the introduction of this template, Gustas is nudging the company in a more sustainable direction! 

His experience in the Challenge

Describing himself as a ‘practical environmentalist’, Gustas wants his work to speak louder than his words. He joined our Challenge to be inspired by other sustainability orientated young professionals, and to develop his project. He’s found that even with the current digital format, his leadership skills have grown, and he has learned a great deal!