Alexandra Klang – Improving access to education with a holistic mindset

Alexandra Klang – Improving access to education with a holistic mindset

Alexandra Klang – Education and Livelihoods Programmes Officer at The Karen Hilltribes Trust (Thailand) and Wild Card participant of the Challenge.

Originally from Sweden, Alexandra has led a very mobile lifestyle and has grown passionate about discovering varying cultures and perspectives over the years. 

As she studied at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), she founded her society -Stop The Traffik- where she raised awareness about human trafficking by organising debates, seminars, and workshops on the matter. During her time running this project, she discovered the importance of creating a positive impact and how to fundamentally transform our socio-political structures. She pursued this idea when following her Master’s in Applied Human Rights at the University of York (England), where she gained knowledge in how to apply ‘sustainable strategies’ for positive change, a decisive moment that influenced her professional ambitions. 

She has since worked in NGO’s in both Nepal and South Africa focusing on sustainable development, but also in larger corporate structures, before ending at the Karen Hilltribes Trust (KHT) in Thailand, as an Education and Livelihoods Programme Officer.                                                                                                            

Her current work for the Karen Hilltribes is the core focus of her impact plan for this new edition of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Her desire to use her leadership, empowerment, and holistic approaches to help these communities is what she intends to develop the most during the Challenge. More precisely, at the Karen Hilltribes Trust, she aims to improve access to education in these remote areas of Thailand and ensure that Karen children reach their full potential and reduce risks of falling victims to human trafficking and other kinds of precarious situations.

 Source: The Karenhilltribes Trust

Ideally, her projects will include: better running public transports in these areas, ensuring access to school meals for all students, creating higher education scholarships, providing school dormitories, and improving the agricultural practices of the Karen people.

All in all, Alexandra’s passion for improving the lives of the more vulnerable through access to education, as well as her previous involvement in various sustainable community projects, are what makes her a true leader in sustainability!

“There is a greater risk of falling victim to human trafficking if you lack education or have limited access to a good life. Today, I work to prohibit trafficking and exploitation by making sure that the Karen Hilltribes have access to secure livelihoods and quality education.”