Keynote speakers and Team members

Keynote Speakers

Polly Higgins
Lead Advocate for Ecocide Law

Jeff Furman
Chair of the Board Ben&Jerry’s


Jonathan Gosling
Emeritus Professor of Leadership
University of Exeter

Team members

Anne-Maartje Oud
Chairwoman of the Challenge

Charles Groenhuijsen
Moderator of the Nudge Summit

Ilse Lettinga
Project and communications manager

Jan van Betten
Founder of Nudge

Rianne Hammenga
Event Manager Nudge

Jessie van Erp
Project management and communications intern

Rick Koster
Founder & CEO LeaderScope

Yori Kamphuis
Leadership and communication advisor, The Leadership Group

Nadine Slotboom
Coach, planner and coordinator at LeaderScope

Marloes van der Have
Managing Director at Missing Chapter Foundation

Domenico Dentoni
Associate Professor at Wageningen University

Liz Moen
Communications Consultant Nudge

Pepijn Duijvestein

Andrea Steinwinter
Social Media Team Member

Jolien Pil
Social Media Team Member

Marieke van den Berg
Social Media Team Member

Anca Elena Ursu
Social Media Team Member

Sarah Asmelash
Team Member Nudge

Maria Rosaria Torrisi
Team Member Nudge



Caro Nieuwenhuis
Partner The Changery

Caroline Serré
Founder CIC Company

Caroline van Frankenhuyzen
Owner psychology & leadership and co-owner of ‘Karavanserai Amsterdam’: haltingplace for leaders and professionals.

Elsabé van Vuuren
Project Manager NewForesight/SCOPEinsight

Frans Versteeg
Co-owner Forgood Clean Change



Hannan El Garmouhi
Managing Director Antes



Hans Vlieg
Coach and Trainer at Vlieg Coaching & Training


Heleen van Ommeren
Personal coach/trainer Refleks

Ilona Buddingh’-Maas
Founder BEGIN met Duurzaamheid

Inge Dessing
Advisor / Work & Organizational Psychologist at GITP

Marjolein Govaerts
Owner at Govaerts Executive Search

Marlies Sikken
Director Wind Site at Vattenfall

Martijn Sjoorda
Managing Director at why* consulting

Martin J. Verwij
Coach/Trainer CIC Company

Mirjam Cappon
Coach/Counsellor/Trainer at Cappon Coaching & Training

Renske Licht
Policy Officer at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Ruben Brunsveld
Sr. Advisor, Responsible Leadership & Sustainable Business at Enact Sustainable Strategies

Thierry Roussin
Founder of Aguialabs

Wim Schreuder-Goedheijt
Owner TRI-ODE bestuursadvies


Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins,  Lead Advocate for Ecocide Law

Originally a barrister practising in London, now she uses her legal skills for just one client – the Earth. She advocates for a law that creates a legal duty of care by putting people and planet first. A law that prohibits extensive damage, destruction to or loss of human and non-human life: a law of Ecocide. Ecocide crime is missing State crime, corporate crime, eco-crime, leadership crime, a crime against peace.

You can read more about Ecocide law at

Jeff Furman

Jeff Furman, Chair of the Board of Ben & Jerry’s 

Jeff Furman served on the Ben & Jerry’s’ corporate board for more than 30 years, providing in house legal counsel and fostering many of the company’s social initiatives. Jeff’s current role is Chair of the B.O.D, a role he is happy to do alongside being a trustee of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation. Jeff resides in Ithaca, New York with his family. Locally, he is the president of Social Ventures, as well as the founder of a Community Dispute Resolution Center and a community micro-finance program. In addition Jeff has also served on the local school board, working to eliminate socio-economic status as a predictor of student success, and is an advisor to the Dorothy Cotton Institute. Alongside his other commitments Jeff is also on the Board and is Treasurer of the EDGE Funders Alliance, and on the Board for the Oakland Institute.

As Chair of the Board he preserves and expands Ben & Jerry’s social mission, brand integrity and productivity. Together with the other board members he provides social mission-mindful insight and guidance to make sure Ben and Jerry’s continues to do what it can best: making the best ice cream in the best way possible.

Jeffrey Jonkers

Jeffrey Jonkers, Advisor peace and reconciliation processes

Ten years ago Jeffrey went to Palestine to interview local women about life under conflict; he never really left the Middle East after that. Working in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States, with a strong focus on actual delivery and real change in people’s lives, he has managed political transition, stabilisation and peace-building programmes throughout the Middle East and in Afghanistan, including non-violent conflict resolution in Palestine, civilian casualty investigation in Afghanistan and governance initiatives in Egypt, Yemen and Northern-Iraq.

Central to his approach is the inclusion of those groups that are most marginalised or explicitly excluded from peace-processes and state-building: ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard at the table.

Currently Jeffrey advises the South Sudan Council of Churches in implementing their Action Plan for Peace, which is instrumental in ending the ongoing conflict and the establishment of transitional justice and reconciliation mechanisms in the world’s youngest, but most fragile, country.

Jonathan Gosling

Jonathan Gosling, Emeritus Professor of Leadership

Jonathan Gosling is Professor of Leadership Studies at the business school of the University of Exeter. Professor Gosling’s research areas entail leadership and ethics in strategic changes, contemporary innovations in leadership development and fostering continuity in change through leadership.

Moreover, he collaborates with organizations and institutions throughout the world, such as the Renmin University of China, Singapore Civil Service College and the Leadership Trust Foundation.

“The solution to today’s real management problems cannot be found in business school courses. Business education is typically good at taking complex problems and chunking them down into bite-sized pieces. But this is only half the problem, and by far the least important: the real challenge is to ‘make management workable’. You can take a course and acquire a lot of knowledge, but how do you use it in practice?”

Anne-Maartje Oud

Anne-Maartje Oud, Chairwoman of the Challenge

Anne-Maartje Oud studied dramatic expression by means of word and gestures at the School of Arts and graduated as a teacher/director. After her studies, Anne-Maartje briefly worked as an actor giving workshops on presentation techniques and non-verbal communication. During her 5-year employment at a reputable training agency, she specialised as a personal behavioural consultant in effective communication. In 2006, she set up her own consultancy and training agency ‘The behaviour Company’. Anne-Maartje specialises in non-verbal communication, influencing others, communication skills and leadership. She teaches managers and executives in effective communication, profiling and influencing others. 

Picture by Bibi Veth

Charles Groenhuijsen

Charles Groenhuijsen, Moderator of the Nudge Summit

Charles Groenhuijsen (1954) works from the Netherlands (Hilversum) and the USA (Washington DC) as a writer, columnist, consultant and speaker. He is also a renowned moderator for substantive discussions and celebrations, in which he effortlessly operates in both Dutch and English.

Since 1974 he has been working in the field of journalism, during which he gained broad experience with the print media. He has worked for 23 years at the public service television as a presenter (Nova, NPS) and as correspondent, reporter and presenter at NOS (Dutch Broadcast Foundation).


Ilse Lettinga

Ilse Lettinga, project and communications manager

Worked as communications manager at ABN Amro’s Corporate Communications after 10 years at several positions in the advertising industry.
Joined Nudge 5 years ago and has been involved in the creation and development of the Nudge Leadership Challenge from the start. Responsible for the overall project management and communications of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge.
“I am always overwhelmed by the energy, passion and power of the young professionals attending the Challenge. I feel privileged to support the participants in their development as leaders in sustainability.”


Jan van Betten

Jan van Betten, founder of Nudge

Jan van Betten started his career as a junior company lawyer with Philips before joining British American Tobacco. In 2005 he moved with his family to Munich to take up the role of CEO of Reed Elsevier Deutschland GmbH. Inspired by the development of a consumer platform for sustainable consumption in Germany, he started the social enterprise Nudge in the Netherlands in November 2010.

Nudge is the consumer platform for a sustainable society. Nudge connects consumers, companies, NGO’s and institutes to enable bottom-up initiatives that bring positive and durable change to our society. We aim to provide opportunities to take action that are accessible to everyone. We facilitate this through our platform and broad network.

Nudge is a social enterprise. We do business to make a change and we believe that knowledge and expertise is worth more when shared. Financial return is not our primary goal, but achieving our social mission is.


Rianne Hammenga

Rianne Hammenga, Event Manager Nudge

Driven by a wish to work for brands that add more to the world, she joined Nudge three years ago. Starting from sales and relationship management with the Friends of Nudge and partner organisations, she moved into the field of communications. In this position she enjoys the challenge to encourage people to positive behavioural change.

This year she is, for the first time, involved in the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge as event manager of the Nudge Summit. With her endless energy and hands-on mentality, this role is wonderfully suited to her! Looks forward to see our joint efforts brought together in the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge.

Jessie van Erp

Jessie van Erp, Project Management and Communications intern

Joined Nudge in February and is proud member of the team behind the Challenge, coached by Ilse. Came to Nudge to explore what sustainability means in practice, and to get connected with impactful young leaders from all over the world.

Interdisciplinary background in Political Science, International Relations and Sustainability Studies, with a keen interest in social entrepreneurship, radio, and learning languages. Looking very much forward to seeing all our collective efforts come together on 20 October during the kick off of the Challenge!

Rick Koster

Rick Koster, Founder & CEO LeaderScope

During his work as biology teacher at multicultural high school in Amsterdam, Rick joined The Leadership Group to support leaders in their personal development and communication. In leadership programs in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East, Rick shares his passion for interpersonal learning, presentation and non-verbal communication. In supporting others to get the best of themselves, his credo is: feel positive, think creative.

Yori Kamphuis

Yori Kamphuis, Leadership and communication advisor, The Leadership Group

In what I do, I look for passion in others. Making things happen. Striving for goals with passion.

It is my goal is to help provide solutions for the challenges our world faces. And to spread positive energy. Through sharing thoughts, running a business, collaborating and creating mutual understanding in our changing world.

Specialties: Cyber Security, Team building, People management, Leadership, Motivational Speaking

Nadine Slotboom

Nadine Slotboom, Coach, planner and coordinator at LeaderScope

When others grow, I grow. So I am a coach at international leadership programs. During my work as Applied Psychologist, I worked with multiple psychological assessments. And I am passionate about supporting people with specials needs. That’s why I am also working as a Remedial Educationalist for people with an intellectual disability and behavioural problems. Next to this, I am the planner and coordinator at LeaderScope.

Marloes van der Have

Marloes van der Have, Managing Director at Missing Chapter Foundation

“Children as the inspiration and driving force for a sustainable future, with their fresh ideas and logic, they can encourage adults to behavioural change”.

Marloes van der Have works at the MissingChapter Foundation since 2010. As Deputy Director she is responsible for the coordination of the three program lines within MCF: Raad van Kinderen (Council of Children), Waterspaarders (Water Savers) and KidsKracht (Power Kids). Central to all three programmes is that organisations enter into dialogue with the younger generation on the basis of a strategic dilemma or question, to gain new insights. Marloes studied Business Administration and Organizational Anthropology at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Domenico Dentoni

Domenico Dentoni, Associate Professor at Wageningen University

My name is Domenico Dentoni. I grew up in Italy and lived in Africa, the US and Australia before becoming professor in Strategic Change Management at Wageningen University & Research, where I lead the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation. This program builds coherence across multiple partnerships to address global issues of food security, poverty and climate change. My travels and work inspired me to participate in the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge. I’ ll be the  instructor for the systemic change session, which will take place on Saturday morning, October 22, part of the overall assessment during the Challenge.

Liz Moen

Liz Moen, Communications Consultant


Pepijn Duijvestein

Pepijn Duijvestein, Director

Sustainable Business Engineer
> Innovation, creative and concept development
> Company & product strategy
> Branding & marketing
> Digital strategy, IT development and project management

The MacGyver of sustainability
There’s a huge difference between professionals talking about change, transition and sustainability and people doing it.
Pepijn fits the last description. What describes him best is an innovative catalyst, in each part of the process. He lives and breathes sustainability, in stead of talking about it. And he’ll make it happen, whatever is required.

Competences: change-thinker and do-er, creative development and implementation of transition, connecting his extensive network, concerned with details without loosing the big picture, hands-on business sense, chain analysis, communication, business- and concept development.

A transitional process is dynamic. Pepijn is agile and adaptive, changes along with the requirements. From thinking to acting, from analysing to connecting, from pinpointing the problem, to being part of the solution.

Andrea Steinwinter

Andrea Steinwinter, Social Media Team Member

Andrea worked as an intern in Project Management & Communications during the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2015. After completing her master thesis about Storytelling in Corporate Social Responsibility communications at the beginning of this year, she joined the TOMS One for One movement as a Credit & Collection Analyst.

For the weekend of the Global Challenge 2016, she is excited to be part of the Nudge communications team and to meet a group of true change makers.

Jolien Pil

Jolien Pil, Social Media Team Member


Marieke van den Berg

Marieke van den Berg, Social Media Team Member


Anca Elena Ursu

Anca Elena Ursu, Team Member Nudge

European by birth and sense of self, 2015 Yenching Scholar at Peking University, strongly motivated with a knack for international criminal law, Elena is a young international justice professional based in The Hague.

Sarah Asmelash

Sarah Asmelash, Team Member Nudge

Sarah is a young professional with ambition in the field of trade law and civic engagement. She studied law, linguistics and social legal studies. Currently she follows a master’s degree in private law whereby she specialized in contract law and consumer protection law. Sarah participated in various fellowships of Humanity in Action and conducted research in human rights, social and political issues. Last year she worked for the Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists for the Public Interest Litigation Project and currently works at the VU Amsterdam University for the department of state and administrative law.

Maria Rosaria Torrisi

Maria Rosaria Torrisi, Team meber Nudge

Junior international justice and criminology professional with an interdisciplinary background in international relations and development studies. Joined Nudge to explore the impact of sustainable projects led by a new generation of young leaders.