Steward Redqueen becomes Support Partner of the Global Challenge 2016

Steward Redqueen becomes Support Partner of the Global Challenge 2016

Nudge is proud to announce that Steward Redqueen confirmed to send one of their young talents to this year’s Nudge Global Leadership Challenge.


Steward Redqueen is a specialised consultancy based in the Netherlands that works across the globe advising organisations on impact and sustainability. Like any organisation, corporations are looking to operate in harmony with their surroundings and to become sustainable; that is, to be a steward for people and planet. At the same time, corporations are competing for sound market positions. In a globalising economy, the combination of stewardship and competition offers dilemmas, challenges and -above all- opportunities. Steward Redqueen works for corporations and other organisations in developed and emerging markets and has a strong track record in this area.



One of their projects enabled Heineken to understand its impact on local African economies. Their reports’ findings help Heineken to deepen the debate about private sector impact on national economies and allow management to make business decisions based on facts and robust analysis.


Providing employees opportunities to develop themselves further in their personal, as well as content related skills is part of Steward Redqueen’s philosophy. Therefore, they have decided to become Support Partner of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2016, allowing one of their employees to take part in this intensive three day development programme about Leadership and Sustainability.

Last year, Anouk in ‘t Veld, Consultant at Steward Redqueen participated in the programme:

“The Challenge 2015 encompassed a bubble of highly energetic, beautiful and creative personalities, outstanding development opportunities and a lot of fun. For me personally, I found peace in my ever continuing quest to optimize positive impact by realizing that I share my passion with so many gifted individuals from my generation all over the world, and that together we will make the sustainable change that we envision. Proud that I was part of this Challenge!”