Report 2014

Report 2014

Curious about the Nudge Global Impact Challenge of 7-9 November 2014? Check out the photos and videos on this Report page.

For a beautiful overview of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge have a look at the Visual Story of photographer Bibi Veth.

17.30 - The 3 winners

The Best Global Young Leaders of Sustainability are (from left to right): Janis Tong (ABN Amro/Good Lab), Merve Şensoy (Ferrero) and Stephanie Dexter (Heineken).

Janis Tong (Good Lab/Hong Kong sponsored by ABN AMRO):

Janis is the Head of Programme and Development at The Good Lab, Hong Kong’s first social innovation hub for aspiring social entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Her roles include connecting individual and startup members to mentors and potential partners for their social business ideas, and facilitating workshops, tours and training programmes for tri-sector participants through the Good Lab Social Innovation Academy. She is also an enthusiast in marathon, cycling and traveling.

Merve Şensoy (Ferrero/Turkey):

Merve works as a sustainability project developer at Ferrero. She also is the National Coordinator of one of the Sustainability and Social Responsibility projects for raw materials in Turkey. She is an agricultural engineer and her master program was about Biosystem engineering. Merve is particularly interested in good agricultural practices all over the world and improving conditions of workers who work in agricultural activities. She likes working with international people and traveling.

Stephanie Dexter (Heineken/USA):

At Heineken, Stephanie manages the advertisement and marketing strategy for Dos Equis, a Mexican beer that is a part of the Heineken USA portfolio—or, as it is perhaps better known around the world: the beer that The Most Interesting Man in the World Drinks. She became interested in sustainability – in particular, water conservation – when she interned with her county’s Department of Public Works and saw, first-hand, the significant resources required to keep a population’s water supply safe. Since then she has been interested in educating and improving organizations’ water conservation practices.

17.00 - The 8 finalists

Oh yes! The Nudge Global Impact Challenge finalists are: André Estrella (Unilever, Brazil), Akpana Ahukannah (Nigerian Breweries, Nigeria), Elise Lufting (FMO, the Netherlands), Janis Tong (ABN AMRO/Good Lab, Hong Kong), Merve Şensoy (Ferrero, Turkey), Peter Okeugo (Nigerian Breweries/PUNCH, Nigeria), Phyllis Kong (Ferrero, Turkey) and Stephanie Dexter (Heineken, USA). Congratulations!

16.30 - An overview of the Challenge on video

Check out this video with an overview of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge!



16.00 - Day 3 part 2 on video

The second half of day 3, here’s the video!



14.45 - Maurits Groen from WakaWaka

25% of the African population lives off grid, that’s about 1.3 billion people. A lot of them use toxic and unsafe kerosene lamps – an enormous social and environmental problem. Maurits Groen, co-founder of WakaWaka: “There must be a solution, we have the technology to change that! We wanted to design the iPhone of solar, but affordable for all.”

The winners of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge will help the WakaWaka Virtual Grid to expand to the rest of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

11.30 - Young Leaders Talk

Our camera crew interviewed everyone, awesome! Check out these videos and meet the Nudge Global Impact Challenge participants!



11.00 - Day 3 part 1 on video

Day 3 is the big day! Check out the video on the first half of the day!



8.30 - Professor of Leadership, Jonathan Gosling

Professor Jonathan Gosling, expert on leadership, clearly inspired the participants this morning.

Ole: “Imagine we had to live on the resources of only one world – your present living will look mad” – Jonathan Gosling

Ghada: “When you come to a fork in the road, just take it!” – Jonathan Gosling



Sunday 9 November 2014 - day 3

After discovering Amsterdam from the canals last night, day three of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge started! Like the Facebook page or follow the Nudge Global Impact Challenge on Twitter for more live updates.

23.00 - Day 2 part 2 on video

Day 2 includes an exclusive visit to one of Amsterdam’s most famous museums: the Van Gogh. Check out the second half of this day right here!

18.00 - Exclusive visit to the Van Gogh Museum

Axel Rüger, Director, welcomes the participants at the Van Gogh, the most sustainable museum in the world! After picture taking in front of the famous Sunflowers, participants joined in a dialogue between Kees Kruythoff (President North America at Unilever) and Kees Kodde (Programme Leader at Greenpeace) on sustainability – what a great combination!

16.30 - Day 2 part 1 on video

Day 2 is totally different from day 1, go check out the first half of the day in this video!

16.00 - Presenting their plan

The participants shared their plans for our jury. It was a close call, but… Team Apollo won!

11.30 - Working on business cases for social enterprises

Time for some action! The Nudge Global Impact Challenge participants are working on business cases for the social enterprises Shake the World,TTC (Text to Change) and WorldGranny. Curious to see what they will come up with in half a day – the clock is ticking!

10.00 - Social enterprises present their challenges

Social enterprises Shake the WorldTTC (Text to Change) and WorldGranny present their challenges. The participants will work on solutions!

8.15 - Yori Swart

Day two of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge started – early – at an easy pace. With Dutch singer songwriter Yori Swart, who guided the moment of reflection. Nice!

Saturday 8 November 2014 - day 2

The participants will be challenged again to show their leadership in sustainability. Day two is all about building the perfect business case! Like the Facebook page or follow the Nudge Global Impact Challenge on Twitter for more live updates.

21.00 - Day 1 part 2 on video

And here’s the second part of Day 1!

18.30 - Videos of day 1

Curious what goes on during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge? Luckily, our film crew is here to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Check out the videos on YouTube!

13.30 - Photos of day 1

Our ‘visual storyteller’ Bibi Veth published the first photos of day one of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, including group-selfies.

14.45 - the 'Nudge Catwalk'

The participants were seduced to walk the ‘Nudge catwalk’ and answer the question: “What is your personal desire to make the world sustainable?” Fun movie guaranteed.

13.30 - Laurentien van Oranje

Princess Laurentien van Oranje, founder of the Missing Chapter Foundation, explains that kids can break through barriers and therefore are great advisors for our future leaders.

13.30 - Board of Children from the Missing Chapter Foundation

Some very special guests arrived! Twenty 9-year olds from the International School in Hilversum joined the participants for an interactive brainstorm session led by Princess Laurentien van Oranje, founder of the Missing Chapter Foundation. The children provided the future leaders with very clear and valuable insights on leadership in sustainability.

11.30 - Eric van der Hoeven

Eric van der Hoeven, General Manager Baby Nutrition at Danone in the Middle East, shares his personal ‘Why?’: “For me it’s about touching the hearts of people and giving back to the environment by creating my own ecosystem. By working together and inspiring all our stakeholders, we can share with the communities we operate in. That’s what keeps him challenged every day!”

12.00 - Day 1 part 1 on video

Curious to see what goes on during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge? Watch the video of this morning!

10.20 - Abdoulie Janneh

According to Abdoulie Janneh, Africa is the biggest leadership challenge of the moment! One word: governance. By having developed a new peer review mechanism, every section of society participates. “Only in that way you can fill the gaps and connect the dots”, claims Abdoulie Janneh, “Young leaders should be interested in these kind of mechanisms. Current necktie leaders won’t do this. It’s for young leaders like you, to do so, to seize this space!”

10.30 - Daniel Erasmus

Check out this video of Daniel Erasmus on ‘Leadership in the Age of Transformation, today and tomorrow’.

9.30 - Daniel Erasmus

Daniel Erasmus, professor in scenario planning, has been taking us through ‘Leadership in the Age of Transformation’ this past half hour. In his opinion: “It’s not about knowing the future, but more about changing the way we talk about things.” Moreover, “We don’t have an environmental problem. We have a leadership problem”. Wow, bold statements!


9.00 - Ikenna kicks off!

Our chairman Ikenna Azuike, co-founder of Strawberry Earth and creator of What’s Up Africa, kicks off the very first Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Together with our partners, we’ve selected the brightest young leaders from around the globe. Today we welcome 30 young professionals from 16 countries: Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Sweden, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China, Spain, France, South Africa, Hong Kong, Egypt, UAE, Turkey and India.

Friday 7 November 2014 - day 1

We’re about to kick off the first Nudge Global Impact Challenge! Like the Facebook page or follow the Nudge Global Impact Challenge on Twitter for more live updates.