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About Nudge

  • What is Nudge?
    Nudge is a social enterprise and a B Corp based in The Netherlands. We support the transformation to a more sustainable society through leadership programs, consulting and campaigning and by distributing our expertise to local communities. We work closely together with business, NGOs, science and governments to firmly root sustainability in their business models, governance and leadership development.


  • How can I apply for a wild card and what is the deadline for submission of my wild card application?
    Go to the tab Apply nowHere we explain the wild card process. You can apply for a wild card until 1 July, 2019.  
  • What’s in it for me?
    We live in drastically changing times. The leaders of the future have to develop a deep understanding of the new reality: resources are becoming scarce, climate change is a given, fair distribution of wealth is one of the major topics. Globalisation combined with the ever faster development of technology asks for new business models and requires a whole new skill set of our future leaders. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge will provide you with a clear view on this new reality and helps you develop the skills and competencies you need to become an influencer and change maker. You will be linked to thought leaders and you will become friends for life with the other participants from at least 25 countries.
  • What is the added value for a company to send employees to this Nudge Global Impact Challenge?
    This unique programme allows participants to expand their network, learn more about sustainable leadership and the creation of real impact. Furthermore, participants achieve tangible results for their own organisation. In the two months before the Nudge Global Impact Challenge each participant will work on an impact plan for his/her organisation. A leadership capacity assessment will trigger the participants to involve their influencers and CEO. During the three-day experience in The Netherlands (15 - 17 October 2018) participants develop their own vision on sustainability for their organisation, sharpen their impact plans and get a clear understanding what this means for society. In the six months after the three-day experience, the participants will work on the realisation of their plans involving several stakeholders within and outside their organisations.


  • I’d like to know more. Who can I contact?
    You can send an e-mail to Ilse Lettinga, Project and Communications Manager of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Please send your question to globalchallenge@nudge.nl
  • How many participants are able to attend?
    In total 90 young professionals from all over the world will attend the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Nudge is on the lookout for 60 company candidates and 30 wild card candidates.
  • Can the venue cater to dietary requirements?
    Absolutely! Shortly before the Nudge Global Impact Challenge we will ask the participants to inform us about their dietary requests.
  • Why is there an age limit for participants?
    Nudge does not want to exclude anyone, but Nudge has made a conscious choice for a young target group. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is a development programme for young talents who are in the same phase of their lives. Ambitious professionals who are in the midst of shaping their careers. In the near future they aim to be in those positions in an organisation where they are responsible for taking the right strategic decisions with regards to the sustainability policy. In case you just fall out of this age group, and very keen to participate, do contact us via globalchallenge@nudge.nl.
  • Can Nudge help with travel arrangements?
    Nudge will help you with your travel arrangements from and to the venue once you have arrived in the Netherlands. Please let us know in case you have any questions about this by sending an e-mail to globalchallenge@nudge.nl
  • When will the Nudge Global Impact Challenge be held?
    The three-day learning experience of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge will be held from 21 - 23 October 2019.
  • What are the costs? Are there any costs excluded from the participation fee?
    If you are a company candidate: In case your company makes it possible for you to participate, your company will become a Support Partner of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. A Support Partner covers the participation fee (EUR 3.500), accommodation whilst being in the Netherlands (including two hotel nights, food and drinks during the Challenge, approx. EUR 500) and travel expenses. If you are a Wild Card candidate: If you are selected as one of the best 20 wild card candidates, your participation fee (EUR 3.500) will be sponsored via Nudge. The costs for your accommodation whilst being in the Netherlands (including two hotel nights, food and drinks during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, approx. EUR 500) and your travel expenses will be on your own expenses.    
  • Where will the Nudge Global Impact Challenge be held?
    The Nudge Global Impact Challenge will take place in centre of The Netherlands (Zeist).
  • A Global Challenge in The Netherlands entails the emission of greenhouse gases. How does that work?
    Greenhouse gases will be emitted during the trip to Zeist in The Netherlands and to the global sustainable initiative (the reward). It’s important to ask the question whether the mission warrants these emissions. Nudge has obviously considered this but we’ve come to conclusion that we need you all in one place interacting with each other. It’s impossible to create a sustainable world by yourself. By working together and learning from experts it’s possible to make greater moves forward. Encounters and experiences to be gained in an upcoming economy will provide participants with invaluable insights and inspiration.
  • There are already so many workshops and seminars about sustainability and leadership on offer. How is this Nudge Global Impact Challenge different?
    This isn’t just a workshop about leadership, sustainability and impact. Participants will be expected to interact as well as be challenged. They will undergo development. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge also marks the birth of a network of young leaders in sustainability. Upon completion of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge the participants will remain in contact via social media. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is aimed at young professionals aged between 23 and 33 years old working in all sectors. These professionals are active for businesses (profit and non-profit), but could also be students or working in the field of education or government. Nudge recognises that leadership in sustainability is necessary in all fields wherever you may be active in society.


  • What is the theme of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2019?

    The Theme of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2019 is "Sustainability: The Human Factor. Empowering millennials to lead positive change." In this ever-evolving world, Nudge feels the strong need to equip our future leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to bring about true, sustainable change. By inspiring young professionals with new perspectives on leadership, culture and technology, they will be given the confidence to embed true change at the root of their organisations.
  • Who will be speaking at this event?
    At the three-day learning experience, inspiring keynote speakers and young professionals will share their vision and stories. To find out more about last year’s speakers click here.
  • What will the participants be challenged on?
    Participants will be challenged on affinity and disposition for the following three leadership skills: creating a compelling vision, building bridges and commitment to act. At the end of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, you as a participant will… → have created excellent ideas to enrich your Sustainability Impact Plan; → have increased the courage to act authentically in realizing your dreams in sustainability; → have developed your New Economy leadership skills, in particular resilience, adaptability and the ability to connect; → understand better how system thinking can support you to see the big picture and give the right nudge at the right moment to the right person; → be able to create energetic teams; → have increased your possibilities to change people’s behaviors through inspiration; → be inspired by top sustainability and leadership experts who give insights and tools for leadership in sustainability; → be inspired by other participants by shared experiences in leadership in sustainability; → have made friends for life; → have selected the 3 most resilient, adaptable and connected young global leaders in sustainability, together with the Dragons’ Den, jury members, other participants and assessors.
  • What does the programme for the three-day Nudge Global Impact Challenge entail?
    The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is an eight-month development programme for young professionals including a demanding three day experience. Two months before the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, the participants start preparing themselves by writing a draft sustainability impact plan and doing a leadership capacity assessment. During the three-day Challenge experience in The Netherlands, participants will be inspired by world class speakers as well as gaining insights into their leadership in sustainability. Furthermore they will experience realistic simulations of complex organisational and change issues. Professional trainers and coaches will help the participants to have a better understanding of their own talents and development areas in order to become a leader of the future. You can find all the information about the Programme on this page.
  • What is the Nudge Global Impact Challenge?
    The Nudge Global Impact Challenge is a prestigious development programme, including a three-day life-changing learning experience in The Netherlands (15 - 17 October 2018) and a competition for the leaders of the future. International speakers will share the latest insights in the fields of leadership, sustainability and impact creation during the three day experience in the Netherlands. Participants will gain insight into their own talents and development areas by means of a sustainability impact plan, a leadership capacity assessment, business cases, coaching sessions, teamwork and diverse workshops.