Participants 2022

Participants 2022

Nudge proudly presents the participants of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2022:

Company Participants 2022

abn amro logo

Mike Weltevrede
Machine Learning Engineer
(The Netherlands)

Mohamed Mobarak
Product Owner
(The Netherlands)

Agata Gualtieri
Marketing Manager

Onni Havunen
Trainee at Cireco

Tess van der Bent
Project Controls Manager
(The Netherlands)

Ivo van Gerwen
New Business Trainee
(The Netherlands)

Abhishek Bade
Quality Assurance Executive

Alba Rodriguez
General Procurement Buyer
(United Kingdom)

Elisa Cociancich
Organization & Improvement

Francesco Langher
Plant Operating  Planner

Jeremy Laflamme
Environmental Sustainability Manager

Margot Scharff
Responsible Sourcing Project Manager

Natalie Kreil
Environmental Specialist

Sara Pagliano
Children Category Controller

Sophia Innerebner
Junior Product Manager

Silvia Carrara  
Product Quality Designer

friesland campina logo

Lisanne Maandonks
Channel Marketing Manager Industry
(The Netherlands)

Rolinda de Vries
Junior Consultant Economics
(The Netherlands)

Wybren Klinker
Junior Advisor Economics
(The Netherlands)

Lotte Wit
Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor
(The Netherlands)

gruppo mondadori logo

Chiara Righetti
Executive Assistant

Claudia Tamburro
Human Rights Officer

Ludovica Rozera
Influencer Marketing

Carolina Soriano
M.Sc. Forest Engineer

Leonardo Curzi
Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Specialist

Melissa Mina
Sustainability Specialist

Ngo Kim Khanh
Sustainability Executive

Shourya Rane
Global Sustainability Manager
(The Netherlands)

Vera Gaspar
Global Sustainability Manager
(The Netherlands)

Sagrario Sáez Mejía
Director of Sustainability

Jenny Montanus
Circular Economy Senior Policy Officer
(The Netherlands)

Marije Slump 
Circular Economy Policy Officer
(The Netherlands)

Iris Grobben
Strategic Advisor
(The Netherlands)

Koen Maarse
IT PMO/ Project Manager
(The Netherlands)

Lotte Fonteijne
Sustainability Engineer
(The Netherlands)

Melanie van der Velde
Global Media Operations
(The Netherlands)

Guust Malcorps
Project Manager
(The Netherlands)

Luc van Beijsterveldt
Product Manager
(The Netherlands)

Manon van Eijkelenburg
Service Designer
(The Netherlands)

rabobank logo

Ylona Mak
Communication and Cooperation Officer
(The Netherlands)

Morgane Fleury
(The Netherlands)

Sybren Fennema
Senior Consultant
(The Netherlands)

Wild Card participants 2022

Adam Despang

Climate Security Outreach Manager
(United States of America)

Deborah Ohui Nartey
Research Analyst at Footprints Africa

Francis Jia Wai Cheng
GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Khumbo Oscar Banda
Entrepreneurship & business innovation
(The Netherlands)

Killu Leet
Project Coordinator at MTÜ Põllukultuuride klaster

Lauren Alethea Moriarty
Conservation Scientist at Nature’s Valley Trust
(South Africa)

Rex Ronter Ruiz
Global Engineer at Komatsu Limited

Siphosomuzi Sibanda
Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering (The Netherlands)

Sopiko Babalashvili
Rural Development Officer at CENN

Tzippora Nusbaum
Social Entrepreneur, Social Impact Consultant, and Social Educator