Live Report 2019

20.30 Keynote Speaker Jack Sim

The Founder of the World Toilet Organisation wowed the audience with his incredible storytelling skills and his amazing ability to make people laugh and still enjoy their dinner, while he’s talking about this thing we all do but nobody talks about it, getting the topic “from poop culture to pop culture”. He believes that with humour we can break the toilet taboo and create a difference for the 2.3 billion people that live without proper toilet and sanitation. His speech was so powerful that it was received with a standing ovation.

“What is the problem with the world? It is that is masculine. We need to be a feminine society. Your mother does not claim credit.”


20.00 Let’s meet each other

As the Awards jury members discuss the finalists’ pitches, participants and guests take the opportunity to socialise.

19.30 Presentation of the six impact plans of the Challenge 2018 that created the most impact

Nine finalists – six impact plans. The nine alumni do a short presentation of their impact projects and show us how far they’ve come, a year after they went through the Challenge themselves.

Tessa Duste (Founder Hrbs & MOSS, the Netherlands), Hamed Beheshti (CEO Boreal Light GmbH, Germany), Dierdre Hannon replacing Sabrina Cloney (Procurement Officer, Danone Ireland), Lisa van der Cruijsen (Quality System Officer, Danone Nutricia, the Netherlands), and a group impact plan by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastracture and Water Management: Alana Thelissen (Policy Advisor), Nicole Linkels (Policy Officer), Gita Maas (Policy Advisor / Trainee), and Marie-Louise Bilgin (Biotechnology Policy Advisor) who couldn’t be present tonight. Finally, there was the impact plan of Prithi Sharma (Corporate Responsibility Manager, Heineken Malaysia) who also couldn’t attend the Awards.

19.00 Dinner has been served

More than 200 guests enjoyed a sustainable vegan dinner including starter, soup, main, desert, and fair trade coffee – perfectly in line with the values of Nudge and the Challenge.

18.00 Group photo in front of the Peace Palace before the Nudge Global Impact Awards 2019

After a full day of activities, including reflection moments, Systemic Change workshop, and an intense, but very productive, Friendly Consulting session, our participants and guests are wearing their lovely evening gowns (black tie or traditional wear) and prepare for a night full of emotions, excitement, inspiration, socialising, and great surprises.

Day 2

17.20 Impact speed dating: What binds us? What defines us?

The participants get creative, splitting into teams, drawing up their dreams, and preparing a little performance or team dance routine.

16.25 Rick Koster introduces the concept of “impactful leadership in sustainability: include people’s wants and needs”

Rick Koster shows why connecting people is one of the most powerful tools to change the system, and the matrix of our strengths and passions.

15.10 Outdoor team building event

Our participants get together and learn the value of collaboration during the outdoor team-building session, while learning to trust each other. This session is not only meant to break the ice, but more importantly, to build relationships and create a support system for the participants.

12.30 Peer walks

While some of the participants have their coaching sessions, others engage in a peer-to-peer walk with another participant, discussing their impact plans.

12.30 Coaching sessions

Each participant has a one-on-one session with their assigned Coach. Our experts give them feedback on their impact plans and help them figure out what kind of leaders they want to be.

11.30 “I started very far away and I don’t know where it’s going to end but I know where I am headed. Because I was Nudged, here.”

James Thuch Madhier, Challenge alumnus and the Rainmaker Enterprise Founder and CEO, moves the audience, explaining that sustainability is not a choice, but a mandate. He shares his five rules to establish lasting change: “Listen. Leave no one behind, be inclusive. Collaborate. Be courageous. Be consistent, adaptable and have fun.”



10.30 Faiza Oulahsen talks about the Meaning of Climate Justice

Faiza Oulahsen is first and foremost a climate activist, and the Climate & Energy Department Head / Programme Director at Greenpeace. She was imprisoned in Russia for peacefully protesting against oil drilling at the Arctic ocean. Read more here.

“When I got out of prison, people kept asking me: ‘Why did you take the risk to save the Arctic?’ It’s quite simple. Our future is at stake and we need to understand that these actions have to be taken.”

10.00 Grazyna van Egmond, Banksia Foundation CEO, kicks-off as the first keynote speaker

She walked us through her personal journey in sustainability.

“The Banksia is a plant that under adverse conditions thrives. You can’t be afraid of failure. My failure, the slight deviations from my goals, allowed me to check my own ego metre, and failure is sometimes the best teacher.”

9.45 Jan van Betten “Nudge is all about inspiration, it’s about moving people!”

Jan van Betten, Founder of Nudge, states “The Human Factor is about being Human, about being you, and wanting to deeply change something.”

He ascertains “I promise you that this programme is life-changing. So enjoy, and come back to me after three days.”

9.30 Welcome to the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2019!

This year, we are celebrating our 10th edition! And the theme is Sustainability: The Human Factor. Our Chairwoman, Anne-Maartje Oud, is setting the tone for the three-day learning experience that has just begun: Head, Heart, Hands, and Gut Feeling..”


9.20 The 90 participants have arrived to the Woudschoten Hotel

The participants receive their pouches and make their way to the Plenary Meeting Room, all geared up for the three-day learning experience!

Day 1