Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers 

Keynote Speakers 2019

To be announced.

The Nudge Global Impact Challenge team is working very hard to bring to you the cream of the crop. Stay tuned!

Keynote Speakers 2018

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop, Founder and Chairman at Circle Economy

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop is the former CEO of Bols Royal Distilleries and subsequently CEO of Remy Cointreau, prior to becoming an industrial partner at CVC Capital Partners. Subsequently, he founded the social enterprise Circle Economy ( with the goal to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. In this regard, he is also an active investor in a number of companies with the objective to make them circular. Robert-Jan is always looking to combine his business experience with activities focused on nature conservation, sustainability and on business development in Africa and Europe, amongst others as chairman of African Parks, chairman of the TBL Mirror Fund, as founder of the FNL (Foundation for Natural Leadership) and as non-executive board member of a number of other companies.

Jad Oseyran, Leader of IBM’s Global Center of Competence for Circular Economy

Jad Oseyran leads the IBM Global Center of Competence for Circular Economy. The team is at the forefront of developing and implementing technology and business solutions to tackle structural waste in various industries. He is also a member of the IBM Industry Academy, a select group at IBM recognised for shaping global industry agendas. Jad is also leading the global task force for Resource Efficiency for the G7 and the G20.

Jad has strategy and operational experience in business transformations of various multinationals. He holds a BE degree in Industrial Engineering and a MSc in Supply Chain Design and Management from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Dayna Adelman, Communications Manager, Global Corporate Affairs at HEINEKEN International

Dayna is a passionate communications professional, who previously worked as Director of CSR at HEINEKEN USA. She currently oversees crisis and reputation management for HEINEKEN N.V. in Amsterdam. We are thrilled to welcome her back as Dayna was herself a participant at the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2015 – here is how she described her experience at the time:

“Over the course of the three days I had the chance to network, collaborate and create with 30 of the brightest individuals I’ve ever met from 19 countries. I learned more about myself – and my purpose – than I ever could have imagined, and I walk away today with a strong sustainability impact plan that will revolutionize how we raise awareness about recycling in the United States.”


Jonathan Gosling, Emeritus Professor of Leadership at the University of Exeter

Jonathan Gosling is Professor of Leadership Studies at the business school of the University of Exeter. Professor Gosling’s research areas entail leadership and ethics in strategic changes, contemporary innovations in leadership development and fostering continuity in change through leadership.

Moreover, he collaborates with organizations and institutions throughout the world, such as the Renmin University of China, Singapore Civil Service College and the Leadership Trust Foundation.

“The solution to today’s real management problems cannot be found in business school courses. Business education is typically good at taking complex problems and chunking them down into bite-sized pieces. But this is only half the problem, and by far the least important: the real challenge is to ‘make management workable’. You can take a course and acquire a lot of knowledge, but how do you use it in practice?”

Domenico Dentoni, Associate Professor in Agribusiness Management and Organisational Change at Wageningen University

Domenico Dentoni grew up in Italy and lived in Africa, the US and Australia before becoming associate professor in Strategic Change Management and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies at Wageningen University & Research, where he leads the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation. This program builds coherence across multiple partnerships to address global issues of food security, poverty and climate change. His travels and work inspired him to participate in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. Domenico is the instructor for the systemic change session, which will take place on Saturday morning, October 28, part of the overall assessment during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge.


Tey El-Rjula, Co-founder and CEO of Tykn

In 2012, Toufic ‘Tey’ El-Rjula discovered that he is, in fact, an ‘invisible man’. On his Dutch driver’s licence, you will not find that he was born in a city such as London, Berlin, or Amsterdam. Instead, he is declared as being ‘Unknown’. This is because Tey was born in Kuwait, during the gulf war, when the birth registries were destroyed en masse. As such, he does not have a birth certificate, and even if copies were to exist, neither he, nor the issuing authority could possibly verify it.

In 2014, he started his asylum application in a refugee camp in the Netherlands, where he was forced to move after his work permit of five years was terminated. Here, for two years, he felt the pain of thousands of Syrian refugees unable to verify the authenticity of their documents.

Ultimately, the experiences the refugees shared with Tey in the Dutch refugee camp regarding the hardships they suffered as ‘invisible people’ gave him the inspiration and motivation to found Tykn, together with social entrepreneur Khalid Maliki, in order to work on providing self-sovereign identity to all.

At the Challenge, Tey will tell his personal story on blockchain for 20 minutes and will also be one of our 23 experts/facilitators to work with the participants on their impact plans in a ‘friendly consulting’ session. We hope that he will inspire any budding entrepreneurs!