Kalpesh Gawali: an inspiring example of sustainable leadership

Kalpesh Gawali: an inspiring example of sustainable leadership

Kalpesh is a former participant of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2014 who decided to take his motivation to the next level and become an entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy. After he took part in the Challenge he decided to put his entrepreneurship at work and founded Nutrino Energy together with three other yNutrinoEnergyoung professionals.

What does Nutrino Energy do? Well, their motto is ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ which briefly explains the high goals Kalpesh and his team have set for the company. Through consulting and capacity building, Nutrino Energy offers both technical and managerial solutions to those industries and companies which are keen on improving the economic and social prosperity of India.

Besides being a great, innovative project, Nutrino is one of the first spin-off companies started from the experience of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge. On his take-home from the Challenge, Kalpesh says: “The 3 days long Challenge provided me with the inspiration to work on various issues related to energy, poverty and security. The leadership lessons learned during the Challenge and peer group interactions empowered me to bring change in the community through sustainable innovations. After coming back home, I discovered my passion and started the journey of entrepreneurship  being certain that inspiration is a trigger to innovation.’’

The relationship betwKalpesh Gavalieen Nudge and the former participants is a continuous flux of communications and information that aims at boosting the entrepreneurship of highly-driven young professionals. Indeed, a couple of weeks ago, Kalpesh applied for the Engie Start-up Competition through the Nudge Sustainability Hub and now he is one of the three finalists running for the big win.

Kalpesh is an inspiring example of leadership at a young age: he started his own business from scratch which has achieved international recognition and awards in a short time. By the means of the Global Challenge, Nudge encourages leadership in the field of sustainability. On one hand it offers the possibility to young professionals of learning how to apply their entrepreneurship to bring change to society, while on the other it brings together companies that support the transition of the current models of business towards a more sustainable future.