Groundbreaking insights from IBM’s leading circular economy expert Jad Oseyran

Groundbreaking insights from IBM’s leading circular economy expert Jad Oseyran

Aiming to stay one step ahead of the pack as we move towards a more circular world? Then you can’t afford to miss the keynote speech from Jad Oseyran – who leads the Global Center of Competence for Circular Economy at IBM – during this year’s Challenge!

Jad will be speaking about how digital technology can facilitate new business models towards a circular economy. His team is at the forefront of developing and implementing technology and business solutions to tackle structural waste in various industries. He is also a member of the IBM Industry Academy, a select group at IBM recognised for shaping global industry agendas.

In Jad’s words: “Our current linear economy is largely wasteful, ineffective and polluting. I strongly believe that real human progress and well-being is where economic growth, environmental benefit and social wellbeing converge. We are all hearing about the challenges happening around climate change, such as resource scarcity, but at IBM, we try to look from another perspective: what is the opportunity here? The circular economy from the perspective of IBM is not only better for the environment, it also just makes business sense.”

“Currently, many industries lack circular system thinking – how can we re-think the ‘take, make, dispose’ process? Who are the stakeholders involved to make sure that the waste becomes nutrients, that it doesn’t end up hurting us (like plastic soup) or disappearing forever?”

We can’t wait to hear what will surely be a thought-provoking, highly informative talk from Jad on 15 October, the first day of the three-day learning experience of the Challenge.




Jad speaking in Norway.