B-Corp Innate Motion takes part in the Global Challenge

B-Corp Innate Motion takes part in the Global Challenge

‘Unlocking more meaningful growth by humanising business and brands’. That’s what we call an inspiring mission! Founded in 2006, Innate Motion is a certified B-Corp based in 27 countries, working in more than 74 countries across 4 continents.

Being a B-Corp is not the only thing that Innate Motion has in common with Nudge. Both Innate Motion and Nudge are bringing about positive change with efforts being made with regards to leadership in sustainability. This is why Innate Motion is more than suited to take part in the Global Challenge!

They believe that business is today’s most powerful force. It can contribute to humankind in more tangible ways than any other power. That’s exactly what they try to achieve with their clients:

“The brand stories they develop enrich people’s lives, so people share them. The products they create make a difference, so people buy them. The value creation strategies they put on place benefit their entire eco-system, so people support them.”

With such inspiring approach, we look forward to nudging one of their young professionals to finetune an impact plan for Innate Motion!