Apply before 1 July 2019 for the Nudge Global Impact Challenge

Who are we looking for?

Young professionals with the ambition to change the world for the better and ready to make the impact they envision. 

Criteria for participation: You have at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, you are between the age of 23 and 33, and fluent in English (verbal and written). Above all, you have a clear passion for sustainability, want to develop your leadership skills, and are eager to make impact.

Apply now, we have availability for 60 company participants and 30 wild card participants.

I am a company candidate

A company candidate is a young professional working for a company or organisation that allows him or her to participate in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge AND agrees to pay for his or her participation. The participation fee amounts to EUR 3.500,– (excluding travel costs and costs for accommodation during the Nudge Global Impact Challenge – three days, two nights including food and drinks / EUR 500,–).

Participation is subject to the payment terms and conditions (see below). An invoice will be sent to you upon your registration.

You can apply as a company candidate till 1 July 2019. 

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Payment terms and conditions Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2019

I am a wild card candidate

A wild card candidate is a student or a young professional working for a company or organisation who does not have sufficient financial means to take part in the Nudge Global Impact Challenge. By applying for a wild card you enter a selection process where your participation fee (EUR 3.500,–) for the  Nudge Global Impact Challenge will be sponsored. This means you only have to pay for the travel costs and accommodation during the three-day stay in The Netherlands (EUR 500,–).

All Wild Card applicants will be notified regarding the selection before mid-September 2019.

You can apply for a wild card till 1 July 2019. 

Apply for a wild card

“When you are with 90 youngsters from all over the world who work on creating impact, you realise again that you are not alone. I think THAT is the most important realisation to keep going and be sure to make the impact you really can have.”Marieke Creemers (Wild Card participant, Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017)

“What is really impressive for me is that I get to meet a lot of young talents, great minds from all over the world, and I feel so inspired because they are amazing – they are very bright, they are very talented, and it’s just great to connect with them, to network with them.”Winton Winton (Danone ELN, Indonesia)

“I think that the very important parts of the Challenge are to help me create the connections, to get feedback from coaches, and also to improve my leadership to make my plan come true. And the most important part is to understand how to deliver the best results.” – Nguyễn Thị Cẩm Thu (HEINEKEN, Vietnam)