Alliander is Support Partner of the Global Challenge 2016

Alliander is Support Partner of the Global Challenge 2016

Nudge is proud to announce that Alliander will be Support Partner of this year’s Nudge Global Leadership Challenge.


Alliander operates energy networks which distribute gas and electricity to large parts of the Netherlands. With their work they facilitate businesses, homes, transport and recreation.  The organisation is working closely with its customers to achieve the switch to renewable energy sources. Alliander is continuously improving its performance by stimulating the development and professionalism of their employees. Good entrepreneurship and good supervision thereof form the pillars of corporate governance. This leads to trust and confidence in the management and the supervision of the various stakeholders at Alliander.

Alliander is committed to helping both consumers and firms achieve smart energy consumption. Together with their more than 7,000 employees, they are working towards a better society. The organisation also works with other stakeholders to devise solutions for the challenges facing society, such as climate change, diversity and labour participation. By bringing together knowledge and experience, they are contributing to a better world.

Therefore, Alliander decided to send one of their young professionals to the Global Challenge where the participant has the chance to network with other talents from all over the world in order to initiate positive change.